Zvonačka Spa is located near village Zvonce. Babušnica town is 31km away from it. Also border town Dimitrovgrad is on about 30km distance from the spa. Another name of this spa is Zvonce, like next by village. It is in Pirot county, on about 50km from the city.

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 Zvonacka Spa

Zvonačka Spa is located near village Zvonce. In Babušnica town, also in Pirot county and about 50km from it. It is pearl of nature of this region of Europe. Because today, in past, it was great tourist place for healthcare tourism. And today it can be seen in private accommodation as lack of funds to get all things moving. Because the spa is perfect for medical as much as for hiking tourism. When we are talking about health tourism in here we can point the fact that Romans knew about thermal mineral properties of water. This Spa is recommended for rheumatic and degenerative diseases, neuropsychiatric diseases either for high blood pressure and climacteric discomforts. Treatment is is done by drinking much as bathing in the mineral water.

Due to high temperature of water of natural wells of 28° C health treatments are possible. Only one more spa in region of southern and eastern Serbia can be used for a great medical treatment as this. In addition to that, from 1996. it was included among the specialized institutions of the Republic of Serbia for rehabilitation and for the prevention of disability.

Nature and history of Zvonačka Spa

In the immediate vicinity of the spa is located in the beautiful gorge of the river Jerma. Reef Asenovo kale, at an altitude of 1032 m, is the only place in Serbia where you can see nesting golden eagles. Much as other things, nearby is the attractive cave Vetrena dupka, with the tunnel length of 4 km.

There are several medieval monasteries too. Especially relevant, of which the most noteworthy are Poganovo , Sukovo and anther one called Temska monastery. Poganovo dates since the 14th century and it’s under UNESCO protection. Also, near to spa are Asenovo Kale ruins. It is medieval fortress. Furthermore, on the ridges of surrounding peaks can be seen lots of eagles. Probably, you will be happy to see nesting place of eagles. That is especially relevant because here is one of few places where they can be seen in the world. Especially relevant, it’s only place to see them in Serbia. As a result of consequently hunting, they are protected species.

Much as other things, one more thing probably would be of great experience for you. That is river Jerma canyon. Because so, it would be great experience for you to visit it as much as you enjoy it. For medical or hiking reasons. Near Zvonce is closed mine called also Jerma.

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Church in Zvonačka Spa, photo by Snežana LazićCC BY-SA 4.0