Zavoj Lake its beautiful artificial lake near Pirot, in southeast Serbia you should visit. February 25, 1963. a huge landslide from the sunny side of the Stara mountain rushed into the valley. Former village Zavoj was flooded, and today here is lake Zavoj instead. Except Zavoj village, one more settlement also disappeared. It is village Velika Lukanja.

Zavoj lake view from Kozji kamen viewpoint, Stara planina view of Zavoj lake

Zavoj lake today

In that way Visočica River was dammed a river creating a natural earth dam. That is the creation of Zavoj lake. It’s very clean and full with fishes, so its the reason to be one of most popular places among fisherman’s.

You can fish perch, chub, trout, carp, catfish, pike etc. It is great for divers, camping and swimming too. Pirot’s hydroelectric power plan is getting partly it’s water from this lake. Lake is surrounded with high tops Belan (1576m), Staziste (1492m), Ormanovska cuka (1168m), Dika’s top (101m1) etc.

The lake itself is very clean, as nature around it. From time to time hydropower plant Pirot open water gate and the lake loose its depth for a while.

On the paleontological site the mud and sediments petrified in the form of plates which are rich in remains of shells. The shells have been found on the slopes of the Stara mountain at over 1,440 meters or 4,720 feet. And also sea worms, snails and other marine animals sea crocodiles, sharks, giant mollusks.

How to get to Zavoj lake and what to expect

To this lake on Stara mountain you can go from Pirot. It is on some half hour ride from this southern Serbia city. Distance is some 19km. In the video under, you can see also road to lake Zavoj Pirot.

When you are on the lake itself, the best thing to do is to enjoy. You can enjoy the best kind of nature around it. In summer time you can also fish, hike. What ever you desire. In winter time, there is possibility of winter magic. But anyway, if you are nature lover, you will certainly enjoy.

This lake named after village Zavoj belongs to Pirot’s municipality, and it’s 15-20km away from it.

Zavoj lake Pirot and ruins of Velika Lukanja village

Zavoj lake on Stara mountain is 17 km long. Deep about 70 meters. And also about 300 meters wide. The lake itself has big role in electricity production in Power plant Pirot. Lake location is on 612 meters altitude.

In time, some events are possible. Sometimes, rarely, large amount of water is drained from this lake. And than, you can see parts of houses that were flooded when lake was “born”. Drainage of the lake, is connected with reparing the power plant.

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Top photo by DjordjeMarkovic BY-SA 4.0; midle photo by by Senka CC BY-SA 3.0; bottom left Корисник:Никола ТодоровићCC BY-SA 3.0;bottom right hr:Suradnik:BončCC BY-SA 3.0 ; photos of ruins of village Velika Lukanja are print screen of video by Stara mountain Šum ; Zavoj lake photos in summer Jovana Arsić Vulić ; Zavoj lake panorama credits Aleksandar Zdravkovic