Vidlic Mountain is located near city of Pirot. The state border of Serbia and Bulgaria divides it into two parts. And it is often considered part of the Old Mountain. The highest peaks are Basarski kamen (1377m), Velika Stena (1329), Golemi vrh (1371m), Smilovski kamen (1348m), Kozji kamen (1181m), Mali Vrh (1013) and Cuka (997). However, the highest peak is Guvniste (1418m). It extends to Lake Zavoj and the river Visocica. Apart from the peaks, Vidlič is known for a phenomenon called “Vrtače”. The Vrtace sinkholes are depressions formed on flat terrains by the action of water on the ground.

If you hike on this mountain, you will often meet them. They make your effort even harder because they have to be bypassed. Especially the wide ones in diameter. Anyway, wherever you are on this mountain, you can have a good view. The most famous viewpoints are Kozji kamen, and Basarski kamen. Lots of hikers go to see nature of Zavoj lake, Stara planina mountain, and nature from them.

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Kozji kamen, most beautiful viewpoint of Pirot and Serbia

Kozji kamen is a viewpoint and the top of Vidlic mountain. It is certainly a place with the most beautiful view of Zavoj Lake. From it you can see the breathtaking view. It is located above the river Visocica, near the Zavojsko lake. From this viewpoint you can see all the beauty of this lake and the nature around it. It can be reached after 18 kilometers. When you go from Pirot to the village of Rsovci, Kozji kamen (Goat stone) viewpoint is located at an altitude of 1186 meters above sea level. This is the second most popular peak and lookout point of Vidlič for hikers. One of most beautiful of Vidlic mountain viewpoints.

It is easy for hiking and climb. From Kozji kamen you can see the entire Stara mountain snake, Lake Zavoj. Because, lake is shaped as snake. Also Babin zub, Midzor, Tri čuke, Vladikine ploče canyon, etc. Kozji kamen is 18 kilometers away from Pirot. You can reach it by the road that leads from Pirot to the village of Rsovci.

How to get to Kozji kamen viewpoint

One of the most beautiful viewpoints in Serbia is Kozji kamen. It is more or less easy to reach. The landmark the Vuzganica locality, or as locals call it “Vzganica”. Going from Pirot to village Rsovci. There is a board with the inscription about Kozji kamen. From there, the viewpoint is about 3 kilometers away. Going from there you can take the road to Vladikine ploče and the top of Tatarski dol sights if you go straight. While if you go left it takes you to Kozji kamen. Since the road to get there is marked, you should not have any major problems even if you go alone to, according to many, the most beautiful lookout point in Serbia. You can enjoy Vidlic mountain viewpoints.

Basarski kamen peak Vidilic Pirot

Basarski kamen was the most famous and most popular peak of Vidlic mountain in Serbia. And the second highest peak of Vidlic. Easy to climb. From this peak you can see the whole area, Vlaška mountain, Greben mountain, Belava mountain, Pirotsko polje and Ponišavlje area. This is the second highest peak of the Pirot valley. Immediately after the top of Panica on the Vlaska mountain. The peak Basarački kamen was named after the village of Basara, close to it.

Stara Planina connects with this mountain through it’s part called Visok. Zavojsko Lake is also located in that part.

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Zavoj lake view credits by Medeniacus ; Flowers and Zavoj lake are by Marko.vl CC BY-SA 4.0 ; View on Zavoj from viewpoint Kozji kamen photos credits are Geograf208