Temska Monastery, or St. George’s (Sveti Djordje) Monastery, is one of the oldest and most important monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It is located near Pirot, about 20 kilometers. It is about 50 millimeters from Knjaževac. It is about ninety kilometers away from Nis. And from Belgrade about 300 km. It is located by the river Temšica. In the canyon of Temska. The fact that it was protected by the state during the communist era, in 1948, also speaks of its importance. The monastery of St. George can be easily reached. The coordinates of this monastery are 43 ° 16′6 ″ N 22 ° 33′42 ″ E, so you can also use the map.

Temska monastery history

Temska Monastery is one of our oldest monasteries. It is not known when it was initially built. But it was rebuilt on the remains of the original monastery in the 14th century. The previous one was destroyed, which is a common case in this part of Serbia. The monastery itself has never had great wealth. This fact can be seen in the church books kept by the monastery itself. That book is in the National Library in Belgrade today. In the book itself, the monastery is mentioned as not so wealthy. With the arrival of forty Russian nuns in the Monastery of St. George in the village of Temska, this monastery became female, the nunnery. It is the same today.

The Temska Monastery is important for one more thing. With the arrival of the monks from Hilandar in Saint Gorge monastery in 1836, the period of literacy of the population of this part of Serbia began. Hieromonk Cesarije (Kesarije) later received help and a teacher. The monastery performed this role until 1892. Then the local school opened. In period after, the monk Cesarija himself was executed by the Ottomans, and the church itself was set on fire.

Temska monastery today

Today it is one of several monasteries in this part of Serbia. It can be reached by road from Pirot to Knjaževac. It is a little less than 20 km from Pirot, and a little more than double as much from Knjaževac. Along with other monasteries of this region, it can be said that it forms a whole. Very important for the spirituality of the southern and eastern part of Serbia. As a very old monastery, it has witnessed many events in this area. Although it has been destroyed several times, it has always been rebuilt. It is known that in 1692, the Hungarians expelled all the monks from the monastery and destroyed it. It was later restored.

The renovation was carried out by the Bulgarian abbot Patenije. There is also an old fountain from 1699 in the yard of the monastery. It was built during the renovation of the first two built monastery lodgings. With that renovation of the monastery, the abbot Paternije indebted the monastery, so his grave is located in the yard of the monastery. At that time, the monastery of St. George in Temska was still male. That changed in 1928. Then forty nuns from Russia came to the monastery. They fled the October Revolution. And since then, the monastery has been female. So it is today. The other two lodgings were built during the period of the nunnery.

The nuns are engaged in the production of balms. These balms are produced according to recipes from a hundred years ago, Russian nuns. They are used for treatments against psoriasis, hair loss, itching, eczema, etc. You can order balms on the phone number of the monastery +38110 371315. Organized larger visits to the monastery Temska are possible. Prior notice is preferred to this same number. The address of the Temska monastery is 19355 Temska bb, Pirot.

Waterfalls near Monastery Temska

This part called Serbian Colorado is very interesting because of the nature and waterfalls. In more or less, close by, two waterfalls can be seen, Bigar and Bukovacki do. Bukovacki do waterfall used to be called Prskalo, or Temstansko prskalo. It is located less than two kilometers from the monastery. It belongs to the group of smaller waterfalls. But due to its easy accessibility, it is popular for visits. Bigar waterfall is on the way from Knjaževac to the monastery. It is a little less than 20 km away. More precisely, Bigar waterfall is about 18 kilometers from the Temska Monastery. Or about 38km from Knjaževac.

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Temsica canyon

Temšica Canyon is located on the river Temšica. In the southwestern part of Serbia. By clicking on the coordinates, you can see on the map the location of the Temšica canyon, which is located at 43 ° 17’51.57 “N 22 ° 36’31.21” E. This canyon is also called Little Colorado. It is characterized by red rocks, hence its nickname. The river Temšica itself is called the Toplodolska river in one of its parts. After merging with the river Visocica, the Toplodolska river is formed. Due to its strength, the Toplodol waterfalls near the canyon are interesting. As well as Zavojsko Lake, which is a little less than 10 kilometers away.

Temac fortress

Temac fortification, or Tjemsko, is a fortification of the Serbian medieval state. This monastery was probably named after him. It is assumed that it was built around 1330. The fortification changed owners. This is evidenced by the writings that mention it as a fortification of the Bulgarian state. Although it is known that it was primarily built to protect the territory from Bulgarian attacks. It was destroyed in the 15th century, but its remains still exist today. Temac fortification is located about 5 kilometers upstream from the village of Temska. Or about 3 kilometers from the Hydroelectric Power Plant itself. This former fortification has not been preserved to this day. Due to construction works and the search for gold, we have no preserved remains. Today, the walls of the former walls are scattered there. Only the stone cross is preserved. It is dedicated to St. Peter and Paul.

Stara planina mountain food festival in Temska

The Festival of Stara Planina Dishes is an important event held in Temska. It is great if you want to visit something different, outside the city crowds. Old-fashioned dishes are on display at the festival in Temska. A competition is made in which local housewives participate. The competition is in three disciplines: the best Stara Planina specialty, Stara Planina cauldron and the best dish.

Krivi vir picnic place Temska

One of the main picnic spots for the inhabitants of Pirot and its surroundings is Krivi vir. Excursion site on Temšica. Here, in addition to relaxing, you can also fish for trout. This is a space arranged for summer activities, so if you want refreshment, feel free to visit the Krivi vir picnic site.

Temska energy plant

It is part of the system for electricity production in Serbia. In addition to the hydroelectric power plant, there is also a resort for employees of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia. The Temska hydroelectric power plant has existed since 1940. It was active in electricity production until 1990.

You can see the official website of the Monastery of St. George in Temska here.

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Bigar fatwerfall photo credits to Gdin.Veljic CC BY-SA 4.0 ; Frescoes of Temska monasterz photo credits Мико