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Stara mountain Serbia

Stara mountain is also near Pirot. Midžor is the highest peak of Stara mountain. Midžor perak is on 2169 meters above sea level. And it represents the border between Serbia and Bulgaria. From the top Midžor, when the weather is nice, you can see half of Serbia.

It is one of the most beautiful Serbian mountains rich in various types of venison. Hunting tourism is active in recent years. Nature lovers and hikers already have available “Planinarski Dom” and “Vrelo”.

Vlaška, Suva and Svrljig mountains are surrounding Pirot, as well as with three lakes Zavojsko, Krupačko and Sukovsko. Stara mountain is located 70km from Niš, 50km from Pirot and Knjaževac. And also 330 km from Belgrade. So it’s very near to Niš, Knjaževac, Dimitrovgrad and Pirot.

They are a confirmation that there are tourist potential. Through this area passed the old ancient time road, known as Via Militaris (military time). In recent years the mountain is center of skiing tourism.

Midžor is second highest peak in Serbia. On Midžor there are more than 1000 species of plants and animals recognized and waterfalls. Waterfalls are maybe the best part of the mountain. One part is in Serbia and other is in Bulgaria.

Except Midžor there are many other peaks on Stara mountain. Mountain tops, Golema čuka (1961m), Vražja glava (1938m), Golema glava (1933m) etc. Among them Tri Čuke, beside Babin Zub peak, is highest and most interesting. And also this is thought to be most beautiful part of Stara mountain.

All this and more, great food are great things that Pirot is offering you if you visit. Numerous rivers and streams on Stara mountain made natural caves, waterfalls and nature tourist attractions. You will love them 100%.

If you plan something like this be sure to plan to visit Rosomacke lonce (Rosomac pot’s) and Temsica canyon. You will love them also, I am sure. If you get a chance try some delicious food of your choice. River Jerma canyon, monasteries and churches of Stara planina mountain are certainly things that should be seen. And very interesting.

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Photo of Midžor by Snežana Trifunović CC BY-SA 3.0, Gallery photos Leontije mirotvoracCC BY-SA 4.0,and DjordjeMarkovicCC BY-SA 4.0