Poganovo Monastery is one of our oldest and most important monasteries. It is dedicated to Sveti Jovan Bogoslov (St. John the Theologian). Today it is a cultural monument protected by the state since 1949. It has been on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites since 1979. Name of the monastery Poganovo is from the period of the Ottoman Empire. “Pogan” in Serbian language could mean something bad. Until then, it was called Dobroševo.

Even by the very name of the saint to whom it is dedicated, Jovan. And since 1934, the monastery again bears this name. It is believed that the founder of this monastery is the Serbian prince Konstantin Dejanović Dragaš. The first out monastery mentions on parchment that it was built in the 12th century (1130). But the 14th century (1395) is certainly counted as the moment of the beginning of the life of the Poganovo monastery.

Poganovo monastery, front of Poganovo monastery, poganovo monastery church front part

Poganovo moanstery location

Monastery Poganovo in the Jerma canyon, where river Jerma flows, makes staying here interesting for nature lovers. It looks like in the prettiest movie. At the same time, this inaccessible location has saved it from destruction many times in the past. Until 1917, when it was looted and it’s belongings were transferred to Bulgaria. And today, they are it is located in the church of Alexander Nevsky in Sofia. The monastery church was restored in the second half of the 20th century.

Nalazi se u selu Poganovo, nedaleko od Dimitrovgrada (20km), Zvonačke banje (11km). Od Pirota do Poganovskog manastira imao oko 30 kilometara. Niš poganovski manasitr je oko 100 kilometara razdaljine. Od Beograad je udaljen oko 340 kilometara.

It is located in the village of Poganovo, not far from Dimitrovgrad (20km), Zvonacka banja spa (11km). And also, there is about 30 kilometers from Pirot to the Poganovo monastery. Nis Ppoganovo monastery distance is about 100 kilometers away. It is about 340 kilometers away from Belgrade.

The monastery in the village of Poganovo is called the Monastery Sveti Jovan Bogoslov (St. John the Theologian). In addition, it’s also named Poganovo Monastery and Dobroševski. And also Jovanovo monastery

Icons of monastery of Sait Jovan Bogoslov in Poganovo

Time of built of monastery in village Poganovo, can be only assumed. It is probably the 14th century, not the 12th. The icons in the monastery church were painted in the 15th century. As the wealth of the monastery was stolen in 1917, not much is left. The Bulgarian occupiers stole the wealth of the monastery, and also something more.

stolen icone of poganovo, two sided icone

This monastery had two very important icons. These two icons are invaluable. And those are icons from the 14th century. One, Double-sided icon, shows Saint John the Theologian and the Holly Mother of God. This icon is from the 14th century. And it represents one of the most beautiful icons of that time. It was stolen in the First World War by the Bulgarian occupiers army. And it was transferred to Sofia. Today it is located in the church of Alexander Nevsky in Sofia. The gift is from Empress Jelena Dragas Dejanović (Augusta Helena Paleolog), who became a nun after the death of her husband. And she took the church name Jefimija. She was the mother of the last emperors of Byzantium, John VIII and Constantine XI. Another icon, of the deceased Jesus, was transferred to Belgrade.

Saint Jovan Bogoslov (John the Theogologian)

The Holy Apostle and Evangelist Jovan Bogoslov (John the Theologian) is one of the apostles and first disciples of Jesus Christ. Therefore, he is one of the most important figures in Christianity. In addition, he is the only person to whom Jesus himself revealed the betrayal that followed. After the trial, both during the time before the cross and on the cross, he was with him all the time.

He wrote the Gospel according to John of the New Testament. And also, he asked for a cross-shaped grave to be dug for him. He was buried there according to the story. And also, after the grave was excavated, his body was not found.

It is part of the Serbian Orthodox Church and is located in the Niska Eparhija (Diocese of Nis). The most important monasteries of the Stara Planina are described in this article. The Monastery of St. John the Theologian is located at 42 ° 58 ′ 46 ″ N, 22 ° 38 ′ 15 ″ E. The contact telephone number of the monastery is 010 620062.

Monastery Poganovo Art colony

In this monastery is place where one of Serbia’s art colonies are held. Poganovo monastery art colony is held every year in the begging of August. It has international character.

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Monastery Poganovo from distance credits Spiritia, Entrance to Poganovski manastiy, side photo credits DjordjeMarkovic ; Two sided icone by Orjen ; Monastery sleeping house ImperatorkA ; frescoes are by Edal i Radmilo Djurovic ; Entrance icone of Holy Jovan Bogoslov by Misastojanovic