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Midžor is located in southeast Serbia. It is one of highest peaks of Serbia (2169m) and highest peak of Stara mountain (Old mountain). The mountain, and the peak also is a border point of Serbia and Bulgaria. So you can be in both countries at the same time. You can go to Midžor peak from city of Niš, or Pirot city also. Knjaževac is nearest of them all.

Mižor peak, highest on Stara mountain

It is located very near. About 75 km from Niš, and about 50km from Pirot. It’s also near to other cities and towns of southeast Serbia. Midžor peak is placed in the center of Serbian Stara Planina, between peaks Tri Cuke (1936 m) on Southeast side and Babin Zub (1758 m) on Southwest side. And also ski center Banin zub is very near.

One more must see things when hiking on Stara mountain and to Midžor peak are waterfalls. There are five of them that you should visit if get the chance. They are Tupavica, Bigar, Čungulj jump, Pilj waterfall and Monks jump. Except them manz rivers, streams can be seen and enjoyed.

About 1000 flora and fauna species are registered to be on this location too. All Stara mountain, with it’s trails and nature is perfect for hiking to Midđžor peak. Even waterfalls can be found here.

Where to Serbia Instagram contributors took these photos hiking to Midžor peak on Stara mountain

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Top photo by DjordjeMarkovic CC BY-SA 4.0; Bottom photos in the gallery are by Драган Цветковић CC-BY-SA-3.0-RS; by Snežana Trifunović CC BY-SA 3.0; Lpritnjak photo by Mikel Iturbe UrretxaMedzor Uploaded by BokicaK CC BY-SA 2.0.