Divljana is village, famous local excursion site and rest area. It is located in Bela Palanka municipality, Pirot’s county. The name itself is from Latin word “Divus or Divina” that means God or Divine. Around village Divljana is beautiful and clean nature. It is located about 50mkm from city of Nis Serbia or about 285km from Belgrade.

Monastery St. Demetirius

Monastery of Great Martyr of Demetrius is firstly built in 14th century (1394). It was built by Mrnjavcević brothers. One of ruling families in Serbia of that time. Divljana monastery or Great Martyr of Demetrius monastery is located on about six kilometers southwest of Bela Palanka. Even before this monastery was built this was holy ground.

Some objects are found from 4th century. It is also mentioned in 9th century writings. In that time Divljana monastery had amazing role. And also always through history. In that period this monastery had great educational role. It was one of three christian schools for the territory from Istanbul to Belgrade.

In time of Bulgarian occupation of this territory this monastery was robbed by them. The important diary of monastery was taken. It had writings about visit of Saint Sava to this monastery. Till today, it was destroyed many times, and also rebuilt. Last time it was rebuilt was in 1878, after this territory was freed from Ottomans.

One more thing is interesting about this monastery. In time between two world wars, after October revolution, here was one of the locations in Serbia where Russian emigrants settled. And also Russian monks. They helped expanding and rebuilding this monastery in 1933. And also, Russian monks also brought some important artifacts. They brought to Divljana monastery relic saint bodies Kirika and Julita.

Divljana lake

Lake Divljana is located in divljana Village on about 5 km from Bela Palanka. This is artificial lake founded in 1983. It was created to regulate water level of nearby Koritnik river. Tributary of Nisava river. Divljana lake is full with fishes, so it can be called fishing heaven. Except fishing, you can cool of in Divljana lake during hot summer days.

Lake in Divljana is about 700 meters long, 130 meters wide. And also about 4 meters average deep. You can fish many fish species here. From one side there are sports fields. And on another side is less settled area. It is part that you can miss because you may interact with potential snakes.

Old oak tree in Divljana village

In this village, Divljana, near monastery St. Demetrius and Bela Palanka, is one famous tree, old inscription oak . For this old oak tree it is considered that is oldest living thing in Balkans. By local legends it was planted in time of Emperor Samuilo ( 958. – 1014.). The oak itself is more than thousand years old. Presumed exactly 1027 years.

During all this time it witnessed many important battles, events etc. State of Serbia protected this oak because it’s old age. Inscription oak in village Divljane is wide more that three meters. And also it’s still alive, even it’s hollow. And also, it’s must visit attraction if you are near here. Use this place to take a photos.

About surrounding area you can read on post about Bela Palanka. And also, about near cities Pirot and Nis you can read on pages about them.

oak tree in Serbia protected by state, ten centuries old oak tree in Divljana Serbia, inscription oak tree Divljana

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Old oak photo in Divljana is by Dusziv; Divljana lake is by Marko.vl ; Divljana monastery is by White Writer