Bela Palanka food festival, or Days of banica, is lasting from 2004. till now. It is happening in the beginning of August. And also it has international character. Here you can see this year program for banica food festival. And also previous years.

Banica days 20019

  • friday, 09.08.2019. 

13:00-18:00 folk troupes, folk song and ethno music

15:00 The best banica competition

17:30 kids Olympics in banica preparation

18:30 kids workshop in preparation of banica

19:30 foreign national food presentation (Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Hungary)

20:30 Grand opening of festival

22:00 Concert Sanja Ilić i Balkanika

  • Saturaday, 10.08.2019. 

10:00 start of festival for that day

11:00-15:00 Culture program

13:00 judging

15:00 “drawing in flour” children workshop
16:00 Vine promotions and tasting of big pljeskavica

16:00-18:00 old crafts workshop

17:00 press conference

18:00 presentation of banica recipe

19:00 promotion of organic food

19:30 Milica Pavlović folk concert

22:00 Haris Džinović folk concert

  • sunday, 11.08.2019.

13:00-18:00 folk program

18:00 kids workshop of banica preparation

18:00 presentation of foreign specialties (Greece, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania)

19:00 Dragica Radosavljević – Cakana concert

20:30 giant banice tasting

21:30 grad closing and proclamation of winners by categories

22:00 Dejan Petrović and Big Bend concert

Days of banica 2018

  • friday, 09.08.2019. 

13:00-18:00 folk and ethno troupes,

15:00 the best banica competition

17:30 Kids competition in banica preparation

18:30 Kids workshop in banica preparation

19:30 presentation of foreign specialties (Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary)

20:30 Grand opening of food festival Days of banica 2019

21:00 folk artist and dance troupes

  • Saturady, 10.08.2019. 

10:00 Starting of the festival for that day

11:00-15:00 Folk program

13:00 Jury proclamations

15:00 Flouer drawing kids workshop

16:00 Presentation of big banica

17:00 press conference

17:00 Tryout of grand pljeskavica

18:00 Neda Ukraden concert

21:00 Ana Bekuta concert

  • sunday 12. 8. 2018.

13.00 -18.00 folk program

15.00 start of festival for today

18.00 children workshop in banica preparation

19.00 Presentation of domestic and foreign food

20.00 Giant banica degustation

21.00 Grand closing of the festival with winners announcing

21.30 Dejan Petrović and Big Bend concert

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