Is town in Pirot district, in southern Serbia. And also near city of Niš. Bela Palanka is located at the foot of Suva and Stara Mountain. It is important because in Roman time it was Remessiana. And today, same as in past, it is a link between the East and the West.

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History of Bela Palanka

First traces of this city are from 292. of this century. Especially was relevant in IV century, in time of ruling of emperor Trajan. It got status of the city as center of the church organization in that area. There are still ruins of that time. They can be seen by tourists. In that time Bela Palanka was border territory too. When Romans conquered it, they named it Moesia territory. And City of Remessiana. Located between Naissus (today city of Nis) and Serdica(today Sofia).

Importance of Remessiana is because of Via Militaris road. In conclusion, it is thought than Bela Palanka was founded by Celts. Almost 300 b.s. The town was originally settled by the Dacians. And was known under the ancient name of Aiadava or Aeadaba. In Roman maps and itinerary this city was mentioned as center of Meseisa. Archeological exploration of Remessiana started in the end of 19th century. And after that more detailed after WWII.

In conclusion, there a lot to see here. And to be excavated in the future time. Most important findings today are from Roman time. Church, market, school, library, military and mining camp. And a lots of small money, plates, pottery and jewellery can be found. Even today after all this time. Part of that can be seen in local museum. Spetum Server monument dates form 3rd century. Stone milepost, Marble icon oh Heracle, monuments to fallen and executed people of this region. Here was also found marble icon of tracian horseman and early christian picture on terracotta.

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What to see in Bela Palanka

Bela Palanka is located between Svrljig mountain, Suva and Stara mountain. Nature around ehre is fantastic. You can see flower Ramonda Serbica, whic is very rare. Another name of this flower is Phoenix flower. It is also flower that is used as sign for Truce day of WWI. Near Bela Palanka is Divljana lake, and thermo mineral location Banjica. Bela Palanka si also well known for Banica pie. You must trie it if you are visiting. There is local competition for the best Banica. Old Mill can be seen here form Ottoman time. That is great monument because you can see flower production of that time. All this are must see tours attractions. Also Belopalanačko Vrelo, accumulation in town.

Legends about Bela Palanka

Bela Palanka is name from 1877. Before that, in Ottoman time here lived very pretty girl Bela. Local Ottoman ruler found her attractive and wanted her for himself. Before Wedding ceremony girls wanted to drink fresh water from Vrelo, and used it as an excuise for going near water. She drown herself just not to marry Ottoman Invader. From that time this place was called As Palanka, which means Bela Palanka (White town). In her name there is small monument there today. That is first legend. Second legend says that here is oldest oak three in Balkans. About 1000years old. Maybe this is true, but sure it is attraction for tourists to take photos under it.

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