Where To Serbia

Spa, Lukovska banja, medicine, blood vessels, pressure regulations, treated digestive tract, rheumatic diseases 0

Lukovo Spa

Lukovo Spa is village near Kuršumlija, about 100km from Niš, where you can go for...

Church in Prolom Spa, wilderness, Pedestrian road to church 0

Prolom spa

Prolom spa is located in the south Serbia. About 59km from Kuršumlija, and also about...

Town of Kursumlija, south Serbia, Kursumlija town panorama 0


Kuršumlija Traveling to the town Kuršumlija, we need to go to the south Serbia, about...

old house reconstructed, history, Plocnik prehistoric reconstruction 0


 Where is Pločnik   Plocnik village location is in the south Serbia. Near Kuršumlija and...

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