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Only Nis (City of Nis) is one of the oldest cities in Europe and it represents gateway between  East and a West. This is the place where Roman Empire was divided. In Eastern and Western Roman empire. Between Diocletian and Maximilian, two roman generals.

The capital of “merak” and great food of Serbia

As historical facts say. So here was always place with some important role. The legend says it was in place of today’s Mediana. That is the reason how it got its name. It means something divided, middle area etc.

Findings are there till this day from so early period of Neolithic and Bronze age. Then were even found houses in site.  The city is locates in southeast of Serbia, and can be reached by road or plane, so enjoy it soon.

Ancient Naissus, the city of Roman culture, was first built in 1BC as a stronghold, and soon become big and important municipium with self governing rights. The city is birthplace of famous military commander and later emperor Flavius Valerius Constantinus. He is today known better  as Constantine the Great. He is the ruler who recognized Christianity and defender of it.

Mediana was built during his ruling . It is luxurious part of antique City of Naissus (City of Nis). Today it is very important world acrheological site. See it to believe it. City of Nis can be always right choice for vacation in Nis, Serbia or around. What to see in Serbia, Nis is always must see destination. Especially if we are talking about excursion out of Belgrade.

Nis city, ancient Emperial city

Except today’s most famous citizen of Nis in history, Constantine the Great, few more important people were born here. Constantine the Great is one of tree rulers born in city of Nis and territory around it.

Here were born Emperors Flavius Constantius and Flavius Justin or Justin The First (born probably in Lebane about 45 km from Nis). FOr the reason these important people is their birthplace, and a lot more important events thought history, city of Nis was always nicknamed Imperial city.

The name of this ancient city

City of today’s city of Nis, by the history and legends, is by the river that goes through it. The river is Nisava. First name was Navissos, named by the Celts and their Scordici tribe. After this name, next name was by ancient Romans. Byzantines had similar name for it. It was Nysos. Today’s name is from the Slavs. And also, there are legends about founding of the city.

Naissa fairy legend about origins of the city

Ancient legend about city of Nis tell that the city is founded by river fairy Naissa. From that time she is the keeper of the city from every enemy in history. She lives in river Nisava and helps everyone that needs help. In her name is named Grand Prix Naissa that is given to actors on Movie Festival of Nis.

City of Nis Serbia Nigh on Nemanjic Bulevard, King Aleksandar Monument, public monument and fountain in Nis, view on a fortress in Niš

The Hun’s conquered Nis in 441. and Byzantines in 6th century. Emperor Justinian built a fortress, which is still here today.

Slavic tribes conquered the city in 7th century, and that counts as the beginning of the medieval time here. The first written traces about today’s King Milan’s square, on photo above,  date back from 11 century and passing of Crusader knights through city of Nis.

Next important period in this territory is with ruler Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja, and that was the time when this city became part of great Serbian state territory. There is still here church, St. Panteleimon, from that time where was the meeting in City of Nis (ancient Naissus) between German Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa  and Serbian Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja. This took place in 1189.

Saint Panteleimon, St. Panteleimon church in Niš Serbia, Stefan Nemanja Fridrih Barbarosa meeting in Niš Serbia

Monuments of Nis

The Ottoman ruling was from 1386. till 1878. From that period there a lot of monuments. Scull tower, monument on Čegar, lot’s of monuments in fortress.

monument, scull tower, house of sculls, Nis Serbia history monument
Scull tower
cegar monument, cegar hill monument, Cegar Nis Otoman battle monument, Stevan Sindjelic, Cegar monument liberation

Hill Čegar is important monument because that was the place of famous battle in First Serbian Uprising. Stevan Sindjelić, one of Serbian dukes, and his army were overwhelmed with Turkish army, so he decided to shoot to gun powder magazine and finish the battle. More about Monuments in Nis read on Must see monuments in the city.

History of Nis

And also, in new age history, role of this historic city is very important. In 1914. there was an assembly which announced united country of Serbs, Croats and South Sloven’s. And also, here is birthplace of Yugoslavia.

In 1918. the city was liberated of invading army’s. Between two world wars in this city was regional territory district. Near this city, you can see once very important fortress Kurvingrad, Koprijan or Korvingrad.

This city, the third biggest on the map of Serbia, was heavily bombarded during WW2. It has, as always, strategic position on the road to Greece and Black Sea. Citizens of this territory were repressed by invading German forces.

There is still Concentration Camp Nis and Bubanj memorial site. This camp is important because it is first organized escape out of Nazi camp in Europe. The city was liberated in 1944. after destroying Nazi Prinz Eugen division.

Weather in city of Nis Serbia by months

This data can be useful if you plan to visit this southern Serbia city. Here is graph of average temperature by months in the city. Summers are hot but not too hot, and winters are mild. So you can visit us in winter to. Be here during New year holidays, or even Serbian Ortodox New Year and have great new experience.

anual temperature Serbia, weather in southern Serbia

About Nis Serbia today and what to see and visit, you can read more here: Modern Nis   and Nightlife in the City of Nis or Find out how to get to city of Nis Serbia. One of most important tourist attractions in Nis and Serbia, must see, is fortress. If you are wondering about what to do in Nis, except monuments, see our list of the best coffee shops and cafes in Nis. And also, you can use many “kafana” to enjoy in our national food and drinks.

If you are wondering where is city of Nis Serbia, we made it easier for you. Use map to get you to here. Or you can read here are pages How to get to Nis and Where is Nis. In this part of Serbia, bigger cities are also Leskovac, Prokuplje, Pirot, Zajecar and also Vranje.

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