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Have you ever wondered where is Serbia? Or where is city of Nis Serbia? How to get to Nis? See answers here! Lets start talk about that.

Where is city of Nis Serbia

Our city, birthplace of one of most important people in the history Constantine the Great, is located in southern part of Serbia. It is city with great history, also called Gateway of East and West. The name came from it’s position, in Balkans. So you can say answer to this question that Nis is in Europe. And also, Nis is in Balkans. And city of Nis is in Serbia. This historic city, is among biggest cities in Serbia. It is administrative, economic, social, sports center of this part of Serbia. So you cant miss us, if you are traveling this part of Serbia.

If you look at the map, you will see that we are on around 240 km from Serbia capital Belgrade. And also, it is on about on 170km from Bulgarian capital Sofia. If you are coming by bus, for sure it is better to go from Belgrade. Because you have much more connections to us. No matter Sofia is closer. Also, very good choice is by our low cost airport.

How to get to Serbia

If you are wondering how to get to us in southern Serbia, there are few ways. The easiest way is to enter this in your GPS and to find us easy. Coordinates are 43.32 latitude and 21.90 longitude. Now you can’t miss. 🙂 There are other ways to do it also. More on how to come to Nis on our post How to get to Nis Serbia. There you will see that you can come here any way you like. Fast, or slower. By plane directly to Constantine the great airport (INI) or even by foot.

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