Vrmdza is a village known for several things. It is located at the foot of Rtanj mountain. That is the reason for it’s popularity. It is located about 16 kilometers from Sokobanja. Apart from the location, it is known for the fact that in that village there are the remains of a fortress from the 3rd century. This fortification is called the Latin city. There is also a meteor in Lake Vrmdžansko. It is believed that the lake was created by a meteor fall, which caused a large hole. Over time, the water gathered there, so deep that today it is a lake. And today there are only fireballs, strange phenomena, and some strange energy.

About Vrmdža village

The village of Vrmdža first appeared in writings from the 3rd century. The town of Vrmdža from that time is today called by locals “Latin town Vrmdža”. Not much is known about Latin town Vrmdža, except that he served to defend the territory. It was expanded in later periods, during the Byzantine period in the 6th century. In a much later period, it also appeared as a Serbian medieval town. This territory was also ruled by the Ottomans. Musa Kesedzija, Ottoman hero, and his army destroyed this city in 1413.

Vrmdžilo is the famous monster of Lake Vrmdža. He is good natured, and he doesn’t want to scare visitors, so he doesn’t show up. 🙂

What to see in Vrmdža and around

Vrmdza, apart from the beautiful and pure nature, has some other things to share with world. There are historical objects, a useful community of harmonious and productive people, legends.

In Vrmdža are the remains of the former Latin town, just above the village. The Latin city is an ancient defensive fortress from the 3rd century AD. The purpose of this former fortress was to defend the Roman territories from the invading Slavic tribes. But over time, the strength of that fortification waned. The Slavs came. And later various other conquerors. From this fortification there are ruins, a Latin city. One more thing.

A lot of people from abroad bought properties and started their lives here. They, among other things, started producing organic food for themselves. But they also sell. In addition, there is an ethno restaurant “Vodenica deda Milje”. A small museum made with the contribution of local people. Here you can see everyday objects from the village and the surrounding area. Accommodation in the village of Vrmdza, the lake and its surroundings, is possible with local hosts. It is located just under 65km from Nis.

Lake Vrmdža is also a landmark of Vrmdža and the mountain Rtanj. This lake has its own monster from the lake, Vrmdzilo. Everyone knows he’s sleeping somewhere in the lake. But he is certainly benevolent and does not want to scare people with his appearance. That’s why he doesn’t come to the surface to see him.

Certainly, the gastronomic offer is one of the advantages of Serbia in general. And also, of this village in Serbia. Try some of the local specialties, is a must. Vrmdza cheese, sheep and goat milk, Rtanj lamb and kid, drink plum brandy and Rtanj tea.

Legends of Vrmdža

A meteor fell in this area in the past, more precisely in Lake Vrmdza. Then a deep hole was made in the ground. A real abyss. Water began to come out of it. In addition, there were heavy rains. All this influenced the formation of Lake Vrmdža, below the mountain Rtanj.

In the lake itself, older locals say, a passionate monster sleeps. But it is terrible for the enemy. And for good local people, it is a friend and protector. And in order not to scare them, he does not appear. It’s just known to be there. And it protect them. Nobody knows where that monster is from. Some say it’s from space. Some say it is also local. But the most important thing is that Vrmdžilo is nice. And that it doesn’t want to scare people. The theory that it is of extraterrestrial origin is also contributed by the strange phenomena and fireballs that people see here.

Legends about the buried treasure of Vrmdža. This territory once belonged to the same owner as the Novgo Brdo mine in Kosovo region of Serbia. Since he constantly sent loads of treasures to Vrmdza, there are claims that some loads were lost. Gone. And that they were buried in this village, and on the mountain Rtanj.

Vrmdza lake near Village Vrmdza

Vrmdza lake is located near same name village. It is about 3 km from village, and a far more from Sokobanja spa, adound 16km. It is about 63km form city of Nis. For this lake legend is that meteor fall down in it. Other theory of it’s creation is that there was large amount of rain. In lake, there are fishes of different kind. Water is cold about 15C and it’s not recommended for swimming. When you are hiking Vrmdža, go to see Vrmdza spring. There are also about fourty springs in territory of this village

Nature around the lake is perfect. There are two steams, Vrmdža and Oravica stream. All that makes it beautiful surroundings and landscape perfect for your visit and experience. You will also be in possibility to experience magic of Rtanj mountain and feel its energy, if you want.

One more thing that can be interesting for you is church built in year 1818. That is in great shape even today.

Vrmdža church and school

The church in Vrmdža is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. It was built in 1818. And it was expanded in 1892. According to the legend, the church dates from the 13th century. It was burned to the ground, and rebuilt few times. There is a legend about the strange healing of the child of the Ottoman commander of Sokobanja. And that he saved this church of the fourth burning in its history as a sign of gratitude. The old school was built in 1834. That building also needs renovation. School in Vrmdza village is oldest school in southeastern Serbia.

And also, there is an old mine, that is not active any more.

More about Vrmdža

How to get to Vrmdza? The village of Vrmdza is a village on the territory of the Sokobanja spa municipality . From the town of Nis, the village is less than 70 km away. The closest populated place to this village is Sokobanja. The village of Vrmdza is located at the foot of Rtanj mountain. The average temperature by months for a period of one year in Vrmdza can be seen in the picture.

Vrmdža Serbia average temperature, all year temperature in Vrmdza village, Vrmdza village

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