The Spa of Niš is part of the City of Niš as its municipality from 2000. year. There are more than 15000 inhabitants living here, in main settlement and surrounding areas. It represent smallest part of the city, and is a great tourist place for weekend vacation, sports or for medicine tourism. This is where to go if in need of spa treatment or relaxing, extreme sports activities. It is pearl of Niš, but south and east Serbia too.

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As sports tourism story you can do yourself a pleasure with activities in climbing, paragliding, or motocross. Or if you like other stuff, enjoy horse riding, tennis, football, handball, basketball or some other team sports. Above the Spa of Niš is hill Koritnjak (Koritnik) and his. Hikers and paragliding fans are using it for enjoyment for professionals and amateur. On this place was World Cup in paragliding of 2017. Also, local paragliding club members here practice on this spot. Distance of Koritnjak (Koritnik) is about 15km from city of Niš and 4 km from Spa of Niš center. Koritnjak (Koritnik) is 550 m high. Here you can enjoy paragliding experience every day.

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About medicine tourism in the spa. Spa of Nis is well known place for relax and health care in the sphere of high blood pressure (hypertension), cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems. Here are also cured metabolic problems, rheumatic problems, and cured with Balneotherapy. Institute of Spa of Nis is part of Medical Faculty of Niš.

History of Spa of Nis

Mineral springs of Spa of Niš were used in ancient times. Ancient Romans used it, the citizens of Naissus and Mediana, which is not the case with the later inhabitants of area of city of Nis. The oldest data on the healing springs spa date from year 362 of this century.

Romans were masters at building a spa. So they built two baths from first thermo mineral spring. That spring is today known as The Main spring. And it still active. It is today used by Radon Institute. In ancient Roman time the whole area of the current park was under the villas, among them. Trap, and now, after so many centuries, well served. Spa of Niš in the V century devastated Atila and the Huns. Turkish Sultan Suleiman when conquering this parts mention the Spa of Niš in 1521. In Nis spa is located one of Early Christian basilicas. Read more here about Spa of Nis Early Christian basilica.

As resting area, The Nis spa was used for few centuries from the moment of founding springs. Leter on, Athila the Hun destoyed it in time of his coming to this lands. Much latter Ottomans rebuilt it and used it for their difence purposes. Ottoman Sultan Suleiman is mentioning Nis spa in his writings. In that time he was going for a sige on Belgdare, and he and his army rested in Nis spa territory in 1521. And in 17th entury, they destroyed after their battles with Austian Empire. In Spa of Nis is location of one of Early Christian Basilicas in Nis.

How to get to Nis spa Serbia?

The Nis spa is located on about 10 kilometers form center of Nis. For its closeness, and for the reason that it’s one of municipalities of City of Nis, you can come here with few ways. From center of Nis to here you can come with regular public bus, line 1 to Niska banja. Excet the bus, you can come to spa with car, no worry. From every direction. And it’s easy. Literaly, just straight. You can’t miss. From Sofia (Bulgaria) and Pirot’s direction, you are passing Spa when going to center of Nis.

If you want to come to Nis spa by bus from another city, than you have to come to Nis first. Than you can come to here by regular public transportation. It is same if you are coming by train. Just insted of Main Bus station, you should go to Main Rail station. And also, you can come by city taxi. For list and contact of Taxi companies in Nis go here. Taxi drive should cost zou about 500 serbian dinars or around 5 euros. But be sure to ask before you start the drive.

Things to do in Nis Spa

Spa of Nis is quality state health spa. First, it has prevention function with relaxing treatments. And also stimulative condition treatments. Five thermo mineral springs are involved in that. They are Main spring, Dry spa, School spring, Banjica and Pasjaca. With founding of stationary in 1971, all health services in Spa of Nis got improved. The Stationary itself got bigger role in protection of health in State proportions. So, in 1979. Stationary grew up to The Institute for Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Rheumatic and Cardiovascular Patients. Number of services in this Institute are increased for “Wellness center Sense”. Today this institute is named Institute for Treatment and Rehabilitation “Niška Banja”.

The fact that Nis spa is part of City of Nis, gives the opportunity to it’s visitors that all tourist sights of Nis are also tourist sites of Nis spa. You can do some things here, in spa of Nis first. You can visit one of Early Christian basilicas in Nis. Also, you can have sports activites here. Above the Spa of Nis is park with running tracks Koritnjak. This is hill in same tame. The important thing is that this is one of Europe’s best sports for paragliding sport. Except paragliding in Nis spa, there are sport fields for team sports.

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