Location of Samar cave is in village Kopajkošara. And that’s why it is also called Kopajkosara cave. And it’s about ten kilometers from town Svrljig, in southern Serbia. In base of mountain Kalafat. In the middle of unchanged forest and nature, this nature pearl can be found.

Samar cave near Svrljig Serbia

The cave itself is one of three caves in Svrljig area. Other two are Popšićka cave and Prekonoga cave. Also the Jezava cave. Here can be seen Ripaljka waterfall also. Other name for Samar cave is Milutin’s cave.

In year 1969. one man, speleologist Milutin Veljković, decided to make the world record. He decided to live in a cave as long as he could. And he was in the cave for a period of 15 months.

Samara cave is about 3,5 kilometers deep. Stone bridge can be seen if you go in. High about 15 meters. Through the cave runs river Kopajska. River Kopaja is turning into waterfall Ripaljka on it’s exit. When searched, in cave was found scull of mountain lion, and traces of cave bear. From year 1955. it is protected by the State of Serbia. Near this cave there are Popšica cave and Prekonoga cave

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