Prekonoga cave is located in village of same name, in Svrljig town area in Serbia. On about 5 km distance from it. From city of Niš there is about 20km to this cave.

Prekonoga cave in Svrljig town

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This is first cave in Serbia used for tourist purposes. In 1888. ruler of that time in Serbia, King Milan Obrenović, ordered that the cave be opened for tourists. Today almost forgotten. Here are found oldest traces of prehistoric man.

Also scull of cave lion, cave fox. And also cave hyena. Prekonoga cave is carved in thousands of years by Dobra river. For the that reason it is rich with cave crystals. In various colors and sizes certainly is one of richest cave in Balkans for that.

In consists of two rooms, Velika (Big) and Mala (Small) Dupka. And also is 500 meters long. The cave is not explored in full till now. Exploration, started in 19th century and stopped after few years.

This cave can be seen together with other two important caves in Svrljig town area. Other two are Popšica cave and Samar cave. Cave is also on Kalafat mountain.

By some legends, in time of WWI this cave was headquarters for Serbian army. Inside of cave is very beautiful. For that reason cave is protected by state of Serbia from 1949.

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