Sesalac cave Serbia

Sesalac cave Serbia is located about 19 km from Sokobanja spa. The cave is also located near Sokobanjska Moravica river and Sokobanja spa. Location of cave is on mountain Ozren.

Sesalač cave near Sokobanja spa Serbia

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This cave is also near Sesalač village. Cave itself is prepared for tourist visits. It’s lightened for about 200 meters,with three exits. Around the cave there are benches that are used for rest of the visitors. And also, the local people are so tourist friendly that they modified some more things for visitors. Because of that when you come there out of the season, you can turn the light in the cave yourself. The legend about this cave is was used by Marko Kraljević as hideout. Marko Kraljević and hide trusted horse Šarac hide in the cave from enemies.

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