Ribarska Banja spa is a health resort in Serbia. One of the best. Royal. A very important thing is that the effects of the healing properties of the spring in Ribarska Banja are very favorable. Orthopedic, bone diseases and problems are treated in this spa. Through the spa program in Ribarska spa overall condition of the body can be improved . Ribarska Banja is the Royal Spa because representatives of the royal family often stayed in it. In Ribarska Banja, the curiosity is a cold source of water that is used only for drinking, a mineral source of acratopege. Acratopege are thermomineral springs with temperature not higher than 20 degrees.

Center of Ribarska banja spa

History of Ribarska spa Serbia

Ribarska Banja has a long history. It was well known for its healing springs in Roman times. But it was unofficial until official confirmation for that in 1832. Then, an official confirmation was received on the order of the then ruler Milos Obrenovic, and an official certificate was obtained in Vienna. The Royal Spa itself was officially opened in 1904. After that, beside citizens, a large number of members of the ruling families spent time here. And improved his health.

Only recently Ribarska banja spa experienced its full potential. The capacity in this spa is close to the maximum, and the number of guests is almost 200 thousand annually. Which is great for Serbia and its capacities. Apart from health tourism, tourists come here for rest and relaxation.

Where is Ribarska banja?

Ribarska Banja is located next to the village of Ribare, about 35 kilometers from Aleksinac. Also close to it are the towns of Prokuplje at 34 kilometers and Krusevac, to which it terrestrially belongs. It is about 70 kilometers or about an hour’s drive from Nis. The distance from Belgrade Ribarska Banja is 220 kilometers. The second spa near Aleksinac, Sokobanja, is about an hour’s drive or 64 kilometers away. This spa is located at 540 meters above sea level.

Name of Ribarska Royal spa

It got its name because in the beginning, fishermen came here to fish for food for Knez Lazar, Serbian ruler. The name Royal Spa is from there because members of the royal families stayed here. And of all of them, the most regular guest was King Petar Karadjordjevic. He also has a monument in the spa in that name. Also grateful to him, the residents of the spa made stairs with a lower height because it was difficult for him to walk.

From the period of the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, there are seven villas in which guests are accommodated today. The other two, Pogled and Vojvodina, were made later. In addition to retaining the original shape on the outside, the interior was changed according to the latest standards. The villas are protected by the state of Serbia. The names of the villas, hotels, are: Villa Serbia (Built in 1904), Slavonia and Bosnia (1905), Herzegovina and Montenegro (1097), Vojvodina, Dalmatia, Croatia and Pogled.

They have 510 beds. Approximately half of that is designated as the accommodation capacity of the Republic Health Institute. The rest is on the free market. In addition to these capacities, there are also capacities in private accommodation.

Wellness and spa center in Ottoman hamam

The Ottomans built the Hamam for their own needs. It was demolished in 1852. The whole spa was demolished a couple of years later. It was demolished by the Ottomans in 1876. To renew it a couple of years later in 1882. A modern wellness center has been built on the foundations of the Turkish bath Amam.

The only source of cold mineral water in the Balkans (ground cold water up to 20 degrees, which is used only for drinking) is located in Ribarska Banja.

Special hospital Ribarska banja

The treatment in Ribarska Banja spa is provided by the Institute for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Patients with Orthopedic, Bone and Joint and Degenerative Diseases “Ribarska Banja”. The treatment itself is performed with the help of six sources of sulfur water. Four belong to the group of hot springs with temperatures from 35 to 42 degrees. One belongs to cold springs with a temperature of 16 degrees, and the last belongs to warm, with a temperature of 27.5 degrees.

The healing properties of Ribarska Banja spring water have the same healing properties as the spas in the French Pyrenees. Therefore, it has qualities as one of the best in the world. Health treatments are performed in the health institution Special Hospital Ribarska Banja. It treats orthopedic, bone and degenerative diseases. Also, staying and treatments here have a beneficial effect on the skin and its features. As well as the beneficial effects of the Wellness and spa program.

What to do in Ribarska Banja spa?

In addition to health treatments and improving the complete condition of your body, “Ribarska Royal Banja” offers something else. Sauna, salt room and steam bath are some of the possibilities. If you are a fan of adrenaline sports, you can go rafting on the “Juzna Morava” river. This is especially true if you are a younger person. There are definitely wellness and spa treatments. Apart from them, there are also swimming pools that can cool you down in the summer.

If you are a lover of nature and walking activities, and you are in Ribarska Banja, you have a great opportunity. Since the spa itself is located in Mali Jastebac mountain, you have the opportunity to walk on the mountain and use the time to enjoy the hiking trails. Or spend time collecting herbs and mushrooms around the spa. Beside Jastebac, you have the opportunity to walk around another oxygen factory, Ozren mountain.

And also, you can visit Monastery Saint Roman in Djunis, which is near.

If you are in Aleksinac or Nis, you can easily go to weekend here. Or for a walk in Ribarska banja spa or Sokobanja spa. They are active spa in this part of Serbia, and will give you opportunity to relax and enjoy.

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Ribarska banja spa photos credits Bojan Lazarevic CC BY 3.0 and Sonjabgd CC BY 3.0