Restaurants in city of Niš in Serbia are very nice for any offer and need. Restaurant can be explained as a place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises. And also eating place, eating house or place where meals are prepared and served to people in object. Difference to Serbian kafana is that is more decorated and exclusive.

The best restaurants in Nis

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If you are restaurant person, and not into seeing local ways, you can visit some in Nis. They are mostly cafe restaurants, but few are classic ones.

  • The New city restaurant, Vožda Karadjordja 12, 18000 Niš,
  • Elite restaurant, Prijezdina 51, 18000 Nis
  • Chinese restaurant Da Mu Zhi, Učitelj Tasina 1
  • Fish restaurant Riblja Konoba, Kralja Stefana Prvovenčanog 5
  • Regent restaurant, Generala Milojka Lešjanina 7a
  • Dom rukometa (Handball club) restaurant, Zetska 6a, 18000 Niš
  • Greek restaurant Ola Kala, Kej Mike Paligorica 6, 18000 Nis
  • Hai Tun Chinese restaurant, Obrenovićeva 2

The best cafe restaurants in Nis

Unless you would like some business kind of restaurant, you can be satisfied with this casual kind of restaurants. They can be visited all day, just for a casual drink or food and beverage combined.

  • Pleasure club Center, Drvarska 2 street,
  • Pleasure club, Kopirateva 7 street,
  • Pandora restaurant, Lole Ribara 2,
  • Irish pub crazy horse, Davidova 8 street,
  • Fidel Gastro, Episkopska 11, 18000 Nis
  • Komuna gastro bar, Nikole Pasica 36, flor 4,
  • Pampour, Ivana Gundulica 2,
  • Cafe restaurant Ypsilon, 9 brigade street

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