City of Niš is international city with very rich history. Main religion here is Orthodox Christian. And main of religious objects in Niš is Orthodox Cathedral. Beside main, there a few more that are here. With religion, come religious objects in Niš. They are from different time periods. Because that, and also because the city of Niš is international city with rich history.

Orthodox Cathedral Holy Trinity in Niš Serbia

Main Orthodox Religious objects in Niš is Orthodox cathedral, dedicated to Holy Trinity. It is located in the center of the city. Construction of today’s church is from the end of 19th century. It was built in 1872. Bombing of Niš in 1944. and fire 2001 heavily damaged it.

This is third largest church in Serbia. Start of building this church is in connection with international pressure on Ottoman empire in that year. And also in Paris peace agreement in 1856. Ottomans got obligation to equal Christianity and other religions.

Holy Archangel Mihailo and Gavrilo church Niš Serbia

Small Orthodox church, Little cathedral Niš, Niš Serbia small church

Holy Archangel church, Holy Archangel Mihailo and Gavrilo church or “Small Orthodox Cathedral” is located next to main Orthodox Cathedral in city of Niš. It was built at the beginning of 19th century. One known fact about this church is that under it is another religious object form unknown period. By Ottoman law in that time, church couldn’t be taller that their objects so it was dug into the ground. It was, until Orthodox Cathedral was finished, main church. It was partly destroyed in time of Bulgarian occupation. But it was repaired latter on.

St. Panteleimon church in Niš

Saint Panteleimon, St. Panteleimon church in Niš Serbia, Religious objects in Niš, Stefan Nemanja Fridrih Barbarosa meeting in Niš

This church should be one of the oldest religious object is Serbia. But it was demolished few times. In today’s shape is rebuilt in 1878. From donations of citizens of city of Niš. Original church dates from 12th century. And its ruins are located very near today’s church. Importance of this church, among other things, is that this is the place where where one important meeting took happened.

Serbian ruler Stefan Nemanja and German Emperor Friedrich I Barbarossa meet here before his Crusade campaign. After the Ottoman conquest of Niš in 1386, the church of St. Paneteleimon was destroyed.

St. Nikola church in Niš Serbia

This church, St. Nikola, has a very turbulent history, over century. First traces of this church date from 11th century. Here was relic, hand of St. Procopius. And at first was dedicated to him. After Ottoman conquered city of Niš, they destroyed it to the ground. Today’s church is from 1863. And also in 1860. mosaic was found here that is presumed from 11th century church. It was burnt down by the Ottomans few times and rebuilt after that.

Church of Holy Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena in Niš

Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena church in Niš Serbia, Religious object in Niš Serbia, Church in Saint Sava park

Church of Holy Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena in Niš Serbia is located in Saint Sava park. It is built in 1999. This church is dedicated to Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena. And also for his honor and event of 1700 years of Christianity. Because Emperor Constantine was Roman Emperor that recognized Christianity as a religion.

Saint Luka church

Saint Luka church in Niš Serbia, Saint Apostile Luka church in city of Niš, Small church in Niš from 2009

The Saint Apostle Luka church is constructed in 2009. It is located in main area in the city of Niš, in Stefan the First-Crowned street.

Latin church in village Gornji Matejevac, Niš, Serbia

Latin church dates from 11th century. It is dedicated to Holy Trinity. Latin church in Gornji Matejevac dates from early 11th century. It has smaller dimensions than other churches in city of Niš. And also architecture of this church is different of other church. The Latin church was built in Byzantine style. Latin style, as locals call it. That’s how it got nickname. It was in ruins until 1969, when it was rebuilt. A necropolis with 30 medieval tombs was discovered near the church. It was placed under state protection in 1963, and since 1983 it has been a cultural asset of great importance. It is also important because of its participation in the liberation struggles of this area. Namely, fighters from the Battle of Čegar took communion in it. Also, the first partisan unit was established back in 1942.

Saint Cosmas and Damian church Nis

The church of “Sveti vrači Kosma i Damian” (Saint Cosmas and Damian church) is one of the newer churches in Nis. It is located on the territory of the Municipality of Niska Banja, in “May 9th” part of the city. Its location is in Zaplanjska Street. The construction of this church was completed in 2012. And it can be honestly said that it Pa very beautiful church. In front of the church is a 100-year-old oak tree.

Holy Paraskeva church Nis

The Church of St. Paraskeva is located in the village of Donji Matejevac in Niš. It was restaurated in the 20th century, as it was in ruins. Certainly, the stone material has withstood the test of time to a great extent. In addition, this church has a role in the struggle for liberation. Stevan Sindjelić and his fighters who fought on Čegar battle took communion here. It is believed to have been built on the foundations of a ancient Roman church. You can even see ancient stone blocks, Roman and Byzantine bricks in the foundation. Also signs on them from those periods. In the churchyard there is also a tombstone of the victims of the battle of Čegar.

Islam aga’s mosque among religious objects in Niš

Islam aga NIš mosqe, Islama gas mosque in Niš Serbia, Only mosque in city of Niš

This mosque is only mosque today in city of Niš. Islam aga Hadrovic mosque was built at the end of the 19th century. Location of the mosque is in epicenter of the city of Nis. In Generala Milojka Lesjanina street. It was built on foundation of previous mosque,one built in 1720. It was built by Islam Aga Hadrović, after whom it was named. He was wealthy Muslim resident of Nis. The location is at Dobrička 2. This is the only mosque in Niš. During the riots in 2004, it was set on fire, but also rebuilt immediately after that. Since 1954, it has been under state protection as a cultural asset of great importance. It is also called the Hadrović mosque.

Jewish Synagogue in religious objects in Niš

Synagogue, Only Syinagogue in city of Niš Serbia, Niš Serbia Synagogue frontal

Synagogue in city of Niš is located in main part of the city. Primary Synagogue was destroyed in a fire in 1879. On it’s place was built this one. It was used until WWII. Today it’s a museum because majority of Jew citizens from city of Niš was killed in Holocaust. And also the building is protected by state from last century. It is located Davidova street.

Exaltation of the Holy Cross Catholics church in Niš

Catholics church, Exaltation of the Holy Cross Catholics church, City of Niš Chatolichs church

City of Niš is first city in Serbia where Catholics church was founded. It is located in Jug Bogdanova street, in main area of city of Niš. This church is also famous because mosaic in there was done by Ivan Marko Rupnik. He is world most famous mosaic artist. The Catholic church in Nis was built in 1884. Till today it was reconstructed few times.

Beside all this churches, there are more. In the city of Nis itself, and around. Smaller but certainly not without importance.

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Inside orthodox cathedral photos are by Ivana Janičković