When Nis Serbia is you next travel destination you can ask yourself some questions. You can wonder about them, or ask a local in Nis. The questions are going from normal tourist questions “how to get there” to really bizarre ones. These ones can be classified as most interesting ones. Many tourists questions about games, about transport. But also about exchanging money etc.

Where can I exchange my money with good rate when I arrive in Nis?

Hi dear friend. It depends from the time or arrival. You can exchange money in numerous places for money exchanging across the city. I personally use “Menjačnica Pine” in the city center because the rate. Location is Obrenoviceva 2. You can also exchange it in the any of the banks. That is if your currency is any of the common ones. If not, banks are good choice. Or withdrawal money at ATM.

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Hi, I am in Nis. What can I see in a day?

Hey, I am just getting ready to go out and see the monuments. You can go with me if you want. We will go to Mediana locality buy bus and see other monuments after that. Early Christian basilicas and tombs, Concentration camp in Nis and Scull tower, the fortress. And also, I will take you to see two locations of your Russian predecessor monuments from WWII. After that, you will try the best pljeskavica in the city. It will be be good day. Are you in? 🙂

Are there any good pools and aqua parks in Nis and nearby?

Yes, a lot of them. In the city itself there are public pools where you can cool off. It depends of time of the year. Only one works in cold months too. It is located in sports center Cair, 15 minutes form city center. It is heated in winter. And has indoor and out door pools. But in summer days you have more than one. You have also pools in nearby. In Spa of Nis you have Green paradise pool.

In village Paljina there is Popoland pool. In village Popšica, you can enjoy summer pool with thermal water. There are also hotel pools. And also great pools in Riverro cafe and Poseidon. Average price is about 2 or 3 euros.

Aqua parks near Nis are located in Soko spa and Doljevac.

Tickets for Football club Radnicki game this weekend?

Hi, if you plan to go to the game it will be easy for you to buy the ticket. The prices for regular not so important games are about 1,2 euros for south stand. If you want to go to the west or east side of the Cair stadium, they will be more expensive, about 3 or 4 euros per ticket. You can buy them any time, even before the game itself.

Hi, I am staying in Nis this weekend with two friends. Any great place for drinks you can recommend?

Yes. Because it is middle of the summer you can enjoy the view and the atmosphere in any of the cafes on the riverside of Nisava river. You can eat or drink there. They are Irish pub Crazy horse, Laberinth and Moda cafe. And also, I an recommend places in the fortress or in Cair. And also, certainly not least, places in Saint Sava park. You can see full list of cafes and clubs in Nis on our post about that.

Is there any public transport to the airport form the center?

Yes, you can use the bus on line 34A or 34B. It is circularing the city, so you can see the station where it stops. See our page about public transportation in Nis.

I want to go hiking to Suva mountain. Any advice about start and end?

Hi, Suva mountain is very near Nis. Almost connected with us. Maybe, its good advice for you to go with Mountaineering organizations from Nis if they organize some hiking to there this weekend. If not, you can go even alone. It is easy. You will go to partly by public bus, and after hiking to the peak. And return the same way. If you are serious about it, I can try to write the details, to make it easier for you.

Hi, I am planning to go to Sofia Bulgaria for a day. I hear it is near. Can you help me about that?

Yes of course. Easiest way is to take rent a car from Nis. If you drive. Also, you can buy ticket for public transportation buses or trains to there and back. But have in mind, they have just few lines in a day. Cheapest way would be that you go with some shopping trip from Nis to Sofia. But maybe, it won’t suit you perfectly.

Where can I buy some good souvenirs with Nis details? And not so much expensive?

You have souvenir shops in the city center. More than one is in the fortress of Nis. And also, you have street sellers with that.

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