Knights festival that is held in fortress in Nis, Protectors of Fortress. This is festival that will take you back in time. In this festival you could drinking beer, see battles, learn new things. Here, you can see festival program for this year, and also for previous.

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Protectors of fortress Nis 2019

FRIDAY 14.6.2019. Grand opening of the festival, with entrance of knights in the city, fights of knight companies, drinking beer with nights in medieval tavern.

  • SATURDAY 15.06.2019. Knights fights one on one, workshop for kids, group fights, beer drinking competition
  • SUNDAY 16.06.2019. Archery competition, Princess of the festival competition

Bow and arrow, medieval market are activities that you can have every day.

Protectors of fortress 2018

  • 8.6.2018. Grand opening of the festival, knights on a horse, knights teams fights, time with knights in tavern
  • 9.6.2018. Time with animals, bow and arrow time, woorkshop for visitors, kaming of bow and arrow technique, beer drinking competition, sundown knight fights
  • 10.06.2018. Medieval archery competition, Miss princess of the festival, Medieval social games competition.

Everyday program is hel till 20:00 hours

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