Popsica village and Popsica pool are located not far from Nis. About 32 kilometers away. And some 20 kilometers from Svrljig, to whose territory it belongs. Aside from the proximity that allows you to escape from the city in a hurry, there are some other things you should see.

Popsica and public pool Popsica

open pool Popsica, popsica resort

The most famous thing in the village of Popšica is the outdoor pool Popšica. The pool is open for public. The spring that has been turned into a bathing place is called Grlo. Popsica is a small village in the municipality of Svrljig. In this part of Serbia, it is known for its public, pool of natural water with a constant temperature of 22 degrees. The spring itself has been known since ancient times. But Serbia living abroad, originally from that area, helped arrange of pool. Today’s look was created that way, even though the pool was built in 1969. The spring itself has a flow of 15 liters per second. The pool is not large, so there is a big crowd in the summer. Near the pool and the village itself is the monastery of the Holy Archangel Gabriel, Pirkovac Monastery. Next to the monastery itself, there is a source of holy water and a stream downstream from the monastery, full of crabs and trout.

Cave Popsica

Cave Popsica or “Popšički pešter” is located 45 kilometers from Nis. And also, about 2 kilometers from the village of Popšice. It is about 15 kilometers away from Svrljig. It is open, but there are no organized visits for it. If you decide to visit it, be careful. It is 530 meters long and you can see bats and beautiful cave jewelry in it. At this link you can read much more about the Popšić Pešter Cave or the Popšica Cave.

Around Popsica

You can see a lot of beautiful things in the surroundings of village Popsica. One of them is the cave Jezava. Samara Cave is also nearby. The Pearl Cave is also nearby. At about 12 kilometers, in the spa Topilo.

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