One day excursions ideas around city of Niš

Picnic in Niš is a good idea? You love going on a picnic even if you are traveling? Having something to celebrate, and you would love to be out of the city and more private? Let’s see what we can offer you!

Kamenicki vis for picnic in Nis

Kamenički vis a popular place very near Niš. Locals go there for one day excursions all year. It is located on the branches of Svrljig Mountains. Above the village of Kamenica after which it was named. At an altitude of 750-800 m. It is only 14 km from the city. The terrain is slightly formed and covered with low forest vegetation. It is perfect for picnic and one day hiking relax.

Dabilo picnic sight in Nis

Halfway from the city of Nis to Kamenicki Vis picnic area, there is Dabilo picnic area. This part served as a wild landfill. By the time the locals got tired of it. And then, in spite of everyone, they arranged the location. Now it is a well-known picnic area at the service of them, but also other Nis residents.

Sicevo gorge picnic in Nis

Gorge is an impressive part of the canyon of the river Nišava. Which is located on the road to Sofia. At the end of the last slopes of Svrljig Mountains and Suva mountains. Niš is about 17 km to Sicevo gorge. It is about 14km long and is divided into two parts. The upper (Gradiški canyon) and lower (Ostrovica) gorge. In the gorge there are two hydroelectric power stations built in the early twentieth century.

One of which still supplies Niš with electricity. Among the other facilities in the gorge, important are the church of Sv. Petka in the nearby village of Ostrovica. Also Sićevački monastery St. Mother of God on the main road to Sofia. St. Mother of God was re built in 1644. and restored in 1875, after the demolition from Ottomans. Sicevo gorge is rare place where Ramonda nathaliae flower is existing. That flow is symbol of Peace day of WWI. And also Ramonda serbica flower.

If your travels take you to the village Sićevo, you can enjoy the view of the gorge. For sure it will take your breath away. This village is also famous for it’s great vineyards and wine. And also the oldest art colony in the Balkans. Sićevo gorge is declared a special nature reserve because of the many natural resources and rare plants that grow here.

Sage is extremely valuable medicinal plant, which otherwise only grows in Mediterranean conditions. It’s found in Sićevo gorge their only habitat in Serbia. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, nature walks, fishing, rafting and paragliding. Koritnjak location is used for that purpose. In 2009. on this part of the Nišava held the World Cup in rafting.

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Jelasnica gorge picnic in Nis

Jelašnica gorge is a true rarity in nature. It is located 15 km from city of Niš, and about 3km from the Jelašnica village. And 3 km from Niška Banja spa. Although small in size it’s declared a special nature reserve. Because it’s unusual flora and natural beauty.

Here you can see stone creations of nature: pillars, sprockets, privies and windows. And also in the gorge lives and more than 65 endemic and subendemic plants. In addition to the beautiful cliffs and rich flora, it is interesting and waterfall Ripaljka. Much as the remains of Roman fortifications. See video about climbing experience in Jelašnica gorge and Sićevo gorge by Cold House Media.

The gorge is located between the villages Jelašnica and Čukljenik. One of them is located at the exit of the gorge and is equipped with benches for visitors. Across the street from this place, there is a marked trail to climb. For lovers of extreme climbing mountaineering alpine club from Niš offers an exceptional experience of climbing on natural rock. Bojanine vode (Bojana’s waters) can be reached through the narrow path of Jelašnička gorge. You can enjoy enjoy hiking, nature walks.

Suva mountain picnic in Nis

The south Serbia Alps, Suva mountain is about 15km from Niš. It extends starting from Niš to Babušnica. There are traces of the Roman military road Via Millitaris there. From ancient Constantinople (today Instanbul) and Singidunum (Belgrade) are still visible across the mountain. In its first part of Suva mountain, there is very little vegetation.

There mountain got its name Suva (Dry). In winter months it’s an ideal location for the winter sports. So every last weekend of February there is a mountaineering event called “Winter climb on Trem”. Trem is highest peak of Suva mountain. That is biggest Balkan’s mountain winter event. For that event more than 1000 mountaineer’s gather and take part in this every year.

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Bojana’s water picnic in Nis

Bojanine vode is 25 km away from Nis. This location at an altitude of 700-1200 m above sea level. With it’s geographical location, on the north side of the massif Suva mountain, is an ecological oasis and hiking heaven! Name of location comes from clean sources, mountain water “Bojana’s water”.

Hiking on the paths near Bojanine vode site, can go to beautiful nature peaks. The highest peak of mountain Suva – Trem 1810 meters above sea level. Other peaks are Sokolov kamen (1,523 m), Devojački grob (1317m), Mosor (984m). In winter time, Bojanine vode can be enjoyed by skiing lovers, with it’s paths.

Topilo spa for picnic in Nis

Topilo spa is located at 25 km from Niš. The Spa can be reached by road that leads to the villages of Gornja Toponica and Velepolje. This small and relatively new Serbian spa was discovered by accident. It has the warm mineral water of 34°C. Water here is used for bathing and also treatment of rheumatic diseases. Also diseases of the nervous system, diseases of the stomach, gallbladder, kidney and urinary tract.

Picnic area Vidriste, one of favorite of citizens of Nis

Vidriste picnic area is great idea for picnic, and relatively close to Nis. And so, it’s one of favorite picnic places of citizens of Nis. Picnic place Vidriste got it’s name after large number of otter’s that lived here. That is after a legend. Otter is translated on Serbian “Vidra”. It is located on about 20 kilometers from Nis. Picnic area Vidriste is popular because of excellent nature, for many things. Here is also hot healing (40 degrees) water spring. Near this are are caves Ceranska and Biserna (Pearl). And also, ruins form 6th century fortress. That fortress was built in time of Roman Emperor Iustinian. This excursion area was rebuilt recently. Sou you can exjoy more when you are in nature. That is why, this is also great idea for active picnic.

Spa of Nis for picnis in Nis

Especially relevant about Spa of Niš are it’s medicinal hot springs. Also ancient Romans used it because an average temperature of 37 degrees. It’s water is also among most radioactive in Europe, containing radium and radon. It has a temperate continental climate with pleasant summers and mild winters. From center of Niš it is 10km away, connected with city bus.

And also is a part of the city as its municipality. The spa has a population of about 5,000. A large number of restaurants, health resort, hotel and sports and recreational facilities and more. And has about 3500 beds in private accommodations. As a result it is nice weekend relax out of the city getaway for people of Niš.

Read more about Spa of Nis. More about Aleksinac, town near Nis, Serbia. And about around city of Nis you can see posts about thet Around Nis.

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Top photo by Срђан МитићCC BY-SA 3.0; Bottom photo by by Ivan Djordjevic, Nis, 2013; KOritnjak photo by Ivan Djordjevic, Nis, 2013.