Kafana and “merak” are the sacred words in city of Niš. It is place where people who are coming from abroad can see gathering place for people to relax, enjoy food and drinks, express their opinion about something. In there people are celebrating birthdays, weddings, business opportunities. With live national music mostly.

Kafana can be experienced in some Balkan countries, but nowhere as in south Serbia, where merak rules. Word “merak” can be translated as joyful experience connected with out music and great food and drinks. Perfect atmosphere. Merak is must that you should experience if you are here. They are similar to restaurants but more relaxed and more fun.

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Kafana in city of Niš

Kafana is ethno restaurant

Serbia is country of great beauty. Beauty in landscape. Beauty in people. Food and drinks in full beauty. Beauty in history. All should be experienced. For great food, drinks and atmosphere it is great place where to start. Through years, it was always place where social life took place. First kafana’s served only coffee, but today, they are more developed.

There you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner. In there was place of business talks or every day chat. Even politics had a lot events in kafana. Declaration of Niš, founding document for United country of Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenians. was decidet in kafana. In that object of social enjoyment in city of Niš, that don’t longer exists, were parlament gatherings of that time. Today, there is gallery.

Declaration of WWI, is also received in kafana, nos so far from there. TOday, there is another building, Post office, in Vozdova street. In kafana was, and still is, places to write poetry and novels.

Merak and kafana time in city of Niš

Jadranska bb, Niš

Stara Srbija
Trg Republike 12, Niš

Kovanlučka 10, Niš

Koste Stamenkovića 3

Nišlijska Mehana
Prvomajska 29

Vožda Karađorđa 92а, Niš

Dušanov konak
Dušanova 124B, Niš

Mali podrum
Stevana Nemanje 14, Niš

Serbian ethno restaurants in Nis Serbia

Kod Rajka
Kopitareva 39, Niš

Knjaževačka 3, Niš

Bulevar 12. februar bb

Čairska kafana
9. Brigade 19, Niš

Vazdušna Banja
Trg Pavla Stojkovića 2-4, Niš

Dagi plus
Radmile Kovačević 3, Niš

Koste Stamenkovića 1 and Jadranska bb, Niš

They say that first of them was founded in Belgrade in 16th century. But certainly, real kafana and merak can be experienced here. Even most famous kafana “Džerima” was in city of Niš

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