Nightlife in Nis? You love travel and going out? That’s great, we love too. A lot to do here for you to see.

  Nightlife in Niš

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In city of Niš you can experience large number of clubs and cafe’s. They work during day and night, so you can have that experience whenever you want. If you love clubbing there are some places here you sure need to check them out. Our Kafana’s work at night too, so you could have fun there too. Or just walk beside Nišava river and absorb the City of Niš special atmosphere.

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In the summer, for nightlife in Nis, we have some open clubs. For people, who love to dance, to have some fun, to listen great music. We have Nisville jazz festival too. It runs few day with a lot of special guest to perform and to enjoy it.

If you don’t like jazz, there is one more great festival called Nisomnia which started in 2002 and runs annually till today. Nightlife in Nis is great when you experience it. It’s all about clubbing and rock in that period. Enjoy it here.

One more great event here are Nimus that stand’s for Niš Music Festival. It dates from former Yugoslavia and it Classical music international festival. Be a part of it coz it’s worth it.

About movies in nightlife in Nis

For movies fans, we have Movies Festival FIlmski susreti Nis. You should definitely be a part of it. It has local character, and dates from Yugoslavia, and has tradition since 1966. And has a great atmosphere that runs across all City of Niš.

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About day time in Niš you can find out on Day life in Niš you can find here and more about where to go out and have a good time see on page about Monuments in Niš or Clubs in Niš Serbia. When you are here, and need help organizing night out in city of Niš, here is a little help with list of cafes and clubs in Niš. Don’t drink and drive, same rule apply here. So it would be lot easier if you go around the city of Niš with taxi. List of Taxi companies in Niš.

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