What are some must see monuments in city of Niš Serbia? Things that mark our this city and it’s history? What are city of Niš landmarks? I guess you are thinking of coming to Niš or you are here and you are wondering what is there to see? What to see first. And also, what is interesting?

What to see when you are in city of Niš Serbia?

Let me start from most important ones. Most important monuments in city of Nis Serbia are (not necessarily in this order) Mediana, Fortress Nis, Concentration camp 12. February, Bubanj memorial park. More are Čegar hill monument, Early Christian church, Tinkers alley, Banovina building, Officers club, Banovina building and finally Scull tower.

Mediana, ancient Roman estate in today’s Nis Serbia

Ancient Mediana locality, Mediana Niš Serbia, Roman ruins and mosaics, Ancient Romans in Niš

First of all, Mediana locality is site of most importance for citizens of city of Niš. Because of our fellow citizen. His name was Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus or just Constantine the Great. He was Roman Emperor who deserves the credit for recognition of Christianity as a religion.

He was born in ancient city Niassus that is city of Nis Serbia today. In Mediana museum today you can see weapons from that time reconstructed, palace and mosaics. You can read more here about Mediana. Mediana is located on the road from center of Niš to Spa of Niš. Across the former factory Electronic industry. You can go to Mediana locality by public transport in Nis.

Fortress in city of Niš Serbia

Niš Fortress was firstly built by Romans, in second century. It’s purpose thought by the history, was defense of territory and local citizens. It is one of Must see monuments in city of Niš Serbia. Probably the world also. And also one of most important monument for city itself and it’s people.

It is finished and in today’s shape and size from 19th century. Fortress in Niš was known even in ancient Roman times. For the reason that is was defense fortress for them. Size of fortress is about 23 hectares. And also many monuments are located today in Niš Fortress . On the photo is Belgrade gate, only one that is not visible.

Belgrade gate in fortress in Niš, Hidden gems of Niš, Hidden gate of Buš fortress, Beautiful gate of fortress in Niš

And also, here is main place for social life during summer days. In here there are two big traditional festivals every year. First is Nišville jazz festival, other is Movie festival in Niš. Location of fortress in in main part of the city of Niš.

In Fortress itself you can find many monuments. Lapidarium, Memorial Ossuary for Toplica uprising victims, Bali Bey mosque, Stambol, Belgrade, Jagodina, Water and Vidin gate, Roman therme, Octagon palace, monument to King Milan Obrenović and more.

Concentration camp 12. February Niš Serbia

12. February concentration camp, Concentration camp in Niš Serbia, WWII Nazi camp, Must see monuments in city of Niš Serbia

Concentration camp 12. February or Red Cross camp is located on the entrance of the city of Niš. Founded by Nazi Germans in WWII. It is one of the worst Nazi camps. Today, it is preserved in full so it can be seen what horrible things happened to prisoners here. It is also the first organized flee from Nazi camp of conquered Europe.

Bubanj memorial park

Three fistis resistance, Niš Serbia Monument, Resistance to the ocupators
four fists monument nis, four fists bubanj memorial monument, fists monument nis serbia

Legendary Three fist monument in Bubanj memorial park represent resistance of people fighting against Nazi invaders. On that place between 10 and 15 thousand people were executed for giving resistance to WWII Germans and their collaborators. Here were executed prisoners from Concentration Camp 12. February in period 1942.-1944. Monument was built on 14.10.1963. Before that, it was with different look. and can be reached by public transportation, or maybe even by foot. Memorial is about 3kmfor central part of the city. One more thing. In 2017. walking trail to this monument was built. It is shaped as monument fist. So it can be counted as fourth fist of resistance.

Early Christian Basilica and tomb

Early Christian tumb, 5th century monument in city of Niš Serbia, 5th century church in Nis Serbia

From ancient times, to today something great is preserved. Because, this is city of Constantine the Great. And also, in his time and just after Christianity was just starting. In city of Niš there are five Early Christian Basilicas and tombs can be seen today. There are four ancient monuments in city of Niš today about beginning of Christianity. To find out more about them you can see on Early Christian Basilica and tombs in city of Niš

Tinkers alley in city of Niš

enjoy, relax, coffe break, cafee, kaldrma, walk through Nis, day life Nis, pedestrian area Nis

Coppersmith alley or Tinkers alley is main part of city of Niš. And also it is small pedestrian part that used to be full of small smith shop in past times. Today, there is difference in that because there are a lots of restaurants, kafanas and cafes shops in there. It is much modernized. But no matter that, it is still considered to part of city of past Niš.

Čegar hill monument

Monument on Čegar hill is dedicated to fallen rebelers against Ottoman invaders. It is built on the date of 50 year anniversary of liberation of Ottoman Empire. On date June 1st 1927. On this place on May 31st 1809. battle on Čegar hill took place.

During battle, Serbian commander Stevan Sindjelić saw that Ottoman forces are numerous and battle will be lost. Then he went to weapons magazines with gunpowder and blast them. In that way, he stopped the Ottoman progression. For that reason Ottomans made Scull tower from sculls of Serbian soldiers.

The Battle of Cegar is one of the most significant in our history. This is proved by the fact that this is the first monument erected in liberated Nis in honor of the heroes of Cegar as a reminder of our history, ancestors and the struggle for freedom. The Battle of Cegar, the famous battle from the First Serbian Uprising, embodies the heroism and fearless struggle of the brave Serbian people for the liberation of the homeland from the ruthless occupier. As a reminder of the tragic, but proud and dignified, days of Serbian history, the first landmark of the place where the Cegar battle took place was erected on July 4, 1878, with the inscription: in May 1809, attacking Nis. Prince Milan M. Obrenović IV and his brave army repented of them on December 29, 1877, conquering Niš. ” Today’s monument in the shape of a tower, a symbol of the Serbian military camp, was erected on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the liberation of Nis from the Turks, that is, on June 1, 1927.

Scull tower Nis Serbia

Finally, Scull tower is unique monument in the world made of human sculls. Angry Ottoman rulers ordered making of it after Čegar battle. Reason is to scare Serbian people not to rebel in the future. Another reason is revenge for much causalities on their side. It is located 4 km from center of city of Niš. And also can be reached with city bus. And also by foot. On the monument today there only 58 sculls. Due to decreasing in time. Finally, here is also scull of Stevan Sindjelić aside of monument. This is one of world most noteworthy monuments.

Scull tower Serbia, Sculls of Serbian liberators, Scull monument

Memorial Ossuary for fallen WWII Bulgarian soldiers in liberation of city of Nis Serbia

WWII monuments in city of NIš, Memorial ossuary In Niš, Monuments in Niš, What to see in city of Niš, Memorial ossuary for fallen WWII Bulgarian soldiers

Here are buried more than 2400 Bulgarian soldiers who came to help Serbian neighbors to fight off the Nazi curators. The monument was built in 1948. It is located in municipality of Nis called Palilula. When you go from center of Niš to May 9th part of Niš. You can see it on the left side of the road. This is one of monuments in city of Nis Serbia from Communist part of our history.

If you want to see religious places see page about Religious objects in city of Niš Serbia. About important buildings in city of Niš find out more here. What more monuments you can see here you can find out here.

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  Early Christian Basilica photo by Intermedichbo CC BY-SA 3.0, Bubanj Memorial by Mikica AndrejićCC BY-SA 3.0, 12. February concentration camp by Rtut CC BY 3.0, Thinkers alley by Bojan Lazarevic CC BY-SA 3.0, Scull tower photo by Romanm CC BY 3.0, All photos shared from Instagram belong to it’s rightful owners