Movie festival in Nis program for this and previous years you can see here. All is on day to day basis so you can inform yourself. Enjoy!

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Movie festival in Nis called Filmski susreti has long tradition. It started in 1966. It is dedicated to domestic movies, and it represent one of tourist attraction for years. In that period, all city lives for the festival.

Movie festival in Nis 2019 program

24.08.2019. Grand opening, 20:00 “Delirijum Tremens”, 22:00 movie “Reži”

25.08.2019. first movie on that night 20:00 “King Petar I”, and also at 22:00 “Koja je ovo država”

26.08.2019. festival movie at 20:00 is “Četiri ruže”, and at 22:00 “Teret”

27.08.2019. 20:00 movie festival is “Taksi bluz”, and at 22:00 “Psi umiru sami”

28.08.2019. from 20:00 movie “Ajvar”, and also at 22:00 “O životu i o smrti”

29.08.2019. from 20:00 “Šavovi”, and form 22:00 movie “Pijavice”

30.08.2019. Grand Closing, pilot episode of second season “Senke nad Balkanom 2”. After that “Kude je taj Niš” (documentary about Žika Čokalija, local singer). And for the festival end, movie about Baja Šaranović “Poslednji Yu filmski romantik”

Movie festival in Nis 2018 program

25.08.2018. Grand opening of Movie festival Nis 2018, presentation of two movies, Južni vetar i Granice, kiše

26.08.2018. Izgrednici i Prokleti pas

27.08.2018. Meso i Agape

28.08.2018. Patuljci sa naslovnih strana i Ederlezi Raizing

29.08.2018. Zlogonje i O bubicama i herojima

30.08.2018. Žaba i Comic Sans

31.08.2018. Grand closing of Nis movie festival, and šresenation of movies Koreni (tv series), Moj život je mjuzikl, Neprilagodjeni filmski grof.

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