Nis sights are must see, when it is possible for you. From different periods in time, and existence of the city. Nis sights are objects and monuments. In the cit and around it. But, for sure, everyone will like at least some of them. No matter what you like to see on your trip.

If must see monuments in Niš are not enough for you, here are More monuments in the city of Niš Serbia. Every of them is memory of some exceptional moment of history here. And also a gratitude for someones dedication to us.

Monument to liberators on King Milan’s square

Liberators monument on King Milans square in Niš Serbia, Monument in city of Niš, horseman with fag in center of NIš

Horseman on King Milan’s square is dedicated to Liberators of city of Niš. Monument of freedom in city of Niš was set up on 28.07.1937. It was made from donations of citizens of the city of Niš. And also with local authorities. Monument is in shape of horseman with Serbian sign on the flag.

Below him there are four years that are important years for the city. First date is organization and start of uprising of Kole Rašić in 24.2.1874. Second date is liberation of city of Niš from Ottomans in 29.12.1877.

Third year is 1915. that is symbol of start of occupation from Bulgaria. Fourth date is date of entrance of Serbian army and Kings Petar and Aleksandar in liberated city of Niš on 29.9.1918. There is one more important monument in connection with King Milan, located in Fortress of Niš.

More monuments in the city of Niš Serbia Monument to Šaban Bajramović

Šaban, Šaban Bajramović statue in city of Niš, Statue of Roma singer, Saban Bajramovic singer

Is famous singer and songwriter born and lived Niš, Serbia. For his life his work was dedicated to Serbian, Roma, Jazz and Blues music. He spoke of himself as Serbian Gypsy because of his Roma origin. Šaban was also know as The King of Roma musicians. He lived and died in city of Niš (1936-2008). You can see statue of him on Nišava riverside. In front of the Officers club.

Monument to Field Marshal Petar Bojović

Petar Bojović statue in city of Niš, Liberator WWI Petar Bojović, S+Monument to Petar Bojović

Army commander in WWI, who deserves all the credit for liberation of Niš is Petar Bojović. City of Niš was liberated od 12.10.1918. City of Niš was liberated of Bulgarian invading army. And also southern Serbia too. Location of this monument is in main part of the city. In front of major office building.

Monument to King Aleksandar The Unifier

King Aleksandar The Unifier Monument in Niš, Monument of King Aleksandar in Niš, Monument in Niš

When showing interest for More monuments in the city of Niš we should talk about this monument too. This monument is located on King Aleksandar square. It is positioned in same place where it was before it was destroyed.

The date of positioning this monument is 7.12.2004. on the date of 90 years after Declaration of Niš. First monument dedicated to King Aleksandar Karađorđević was on this place till 1946. After that, it was removed and destroyed. Today’s monument is identical as original. Next to this monument are located graves of soldiers form Russia.

Soviet Soldiers graves

Soviet Solders Graves in city of Niš fallen in WWII, Graves on King Aleksandars square, Soviet soldiers in Serbia

Also, fallen Soviet soldiers graves are located in city of Niš. Next to the King Aleksandar Karađorđević the Unifier monument. This are graves to soldiers fallen for liberation of city of Niš in WWII.

Queen Natalija fountain

Queen Natalia of Serbia fountain, public fountain in nis, city of Nis public fountain dedicated to queen natalia

Fountain of Queen Natalia is most famous and most important of city of Niš fountains. It is beautiful and the one that is built upon liberation of Niš of Ottoman empire. It is built for five years of liberation of Niš event. It’s one of first object built in city of Niš of that time. By city’s urban plan called “Vineter’s plan”.

For close position of that time to marketplace is was called “Arnaut pazar fountain”. On the fountain that was positioned there from 1896. there was table with dedication from citizens of Niš to General Milojko Lešjanin, liberator of the city of Niš.

No matter what was the nickname of the fountain it was dedicated to Queen Natalia. Original object was not preserved till today. But in 2003. it was rebuilt and put on the location again.

Cairs fountain in city of Nis

Public Fountain in Niš, Čairs fountain, King Milans square fountain

Čair’s fountain is very famous public fountain in city of Niš. It date from 1903. As such is one of most important monuments in the city of Niš. It’s located in King Milan square, next to Majors Office.

It was removed from this location in 1935. But brought back on primary location in 2007. In that period it was located in Park Čair. For that reason it’s name is Čair’s fountain. Water on this fountain is drinkable.

Kings Milan monument

Monument to King Milan in fortress of Niš Serbia, First monument ever built in Niš,Liberated Niš Serbia monument

And also, King’s Milan monument is first monument built in modern and liberated city of Niš. It was built in 1902, on 25 year anniversary of liberation of Niš. It is shaped as bullet. Location of this monument is in fortress of Niš.

Monument to first treaty between Germany and Serbia

When talking about some more monuments in the city of Niš Serbia, this one is newer. First ever treaty between Germany and Serbia was in city of Niš. German ruler Frederick Barbarossa and Serbian Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja meeting took place in city of Niš. On 27

July 1189. they held meeting and arranged future relationships between two countries. It is historic event that took place in St Panteleimon church in Niš. Not far away form monument place. Location of the monument is next to fortress, and Banovina building.

For that time, historic records say that Serbia was very advanced. Serbian Ruler had served dinner to be dined with forks, and that wasn’t know to German ruler as dining instrument.

Monument to hanged in 1821.

Monument to hanged in 1821 in Niš Serbia, Monument in Niš from 1913, Monuments in center of Niš, Downtown Niš monument

It was posted on the day of 1600 years after Edict of Milan. And 35 years after liberation of Ottoman ruling. On the 29.12.1913. This monument was built to hanged citizens of Nis Serbia that started organizing resistance organization of that time.

After they were found, Ottomans hanged six of them, and arrested 200 of citizens of Niš. During Bulgarian occupation they changed the sign on monument. On the new sign was written that here were hanged 6 Bulgarians lived in Niš. And also, their names on the board were changed. After liberation of them, old sign was put on.

More monuments in the city of Niš monument to Soviet pilots fallen after liberation fights

Monument to fallen Russian soldiers in incident in Niš, Incident in Niš WWII, American and Russian incident in Niš

After city of Niš was liberated in WWII there was one big incident. It is called “Niški incident” in Serbian or “Incident in Niš”. About this incident many stories are told, and it is still mystery. When the city was liberated, here were American friends and Russian friends troops.

In that time we were all fighting against same enemies, Nazi Germans. It’s unknown till today, why that happened.  Except that American plains started bombing Soviet soldiers. And also our Yugoslavian ones. It took place on 7.11.1944. Officially, it is counted as mistake of pilots.

Stevan Sremac and Kalča monument

Sremac Kalča and Čapa monument in Niš Serbia, Where to take photos in Niš Serbia, Sremac and Kalča and Čapa monument

Famous Serbian writer Stevan Sremac lived and worked in city of Niš in period 1879.- 1892. About that period he wrote famous novels in Serbia. In that honor he got oldest high school in city of Niš named after him. He was teaching there in his time.

Most famous novels of Stevan Sremac are Ivko’s celebration, Zona Zamfirova and Priest Ćira and Priest Spira. He also has this monument in his name. Monument is very popular with tourist for taking photos. It is located near Kalča shopping center and Kopitareva street.

And also, location of this monument is very near the palce where was actual place of Gazda Ivko’s house. He was fictional character, written after real person Živko Mijalković. “Ivko’s celebration” is Stevan Sremac’s most famous novel. And also there one more Stevan Sremac monument in the city. That other is located in front of National Theater in Niš.

Ljubomir Jakovljević football player monument in Niš

Monument to footballer Ljubomir Jakovljević in Niš

When you are walking by the river of Nišava, there is one interesting story to tell. In winter time 1926. small boy fell in to the river Nišava. He was about to drown. At that moment, one man jumped in to water and swam to him. The boy was saved. As a result, unfortunately, the man did not survive. Ljubomir Jakovljević was the man who saved the boy. He was the player of Football Club Sindjelić from Niš. Because this is monument to his heroic act. Finally, this monument is from 1927. Location of this monument is in park 7. July.

More monuments in the city of Niš monument to attacker on Nazi Germans in Park hotel in WWII

Monument to attacker on Nazi Germans in Park hotel in WWII

In Nazi occupied city of Niš in WWII, there was one event that was signal to going into woods and organizing resistance. Aleksandar Vojinović, partisan member threw the bomb on German Officers. They were sitting in hotel restaurant near today’s monument. Name of the hotel is Park hotel, and it is not opened to public today. Location of the Park hotel is across the street where is monument located. It is in the same time part of monument of Sparkle of Freedom. It is surrounded with Partisan national heroes monuments. They are  dedicated to Filip Filipović, Stanko Paunović, Filip Kljajić, Sreten Mladenović, Mija Stanimirović and Konrad Žilnik. Location of this monument is in 7. Juli park in central part of the city of Niš.

Monument to Constantine the Great

Constantine the Great Monument with Christ Monogram, Monument in Niš, Constantine the Great monument in Niš

Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus or Konstantin I was also known as Constantine tre Grat (Constantinus Magnus). In year 2013. it was celebration of 1700 years of Christianity in city of Niš. It is 1700 years of Edict of Milan. With this document Constantine the Great recognized Christianity as religion. And also forbid persecution of them. As most important citizen of Niš he got the monogram monument in his honor. Today’s city of Niš, former Naissuas, is birthplace of Constantine the Great. In city itself you can see few more attractions from that time. Except Mediana, there are four Early Christian Tombs, And monuments in fortress of Niš.

Monument to executed fighters of Toplica uprising

Toplica uprising executed liberators monument, Toplica fighters monument in Niš, BUlgarian victims in Toplica uprising

And also, one more important monument is to executed people in time of Toplica uprising. They are executed by Bulgarian occupier on the place of today’s monument. Location of monument is in trench of fortress in Niš. Probably because, in this place execution were done. It is protected by state in 1983. Executed persons names are on plates on the monument. On the left and on the right. The way they did stand on the execution.

NATO bombing of Niš victims monuments

The cluster bombing of city of Niš happened on 7.5.1999. They bombed main center of the city. Bombs fell on the streets next to fortress, next to Banovina building. On that atack 15 people were killed and 19 was wounded. This monuments are located next to Banovina building and fortress. One across the other.

Monument to 90 years of aviation in Nis

Monument to aviation in Nis Serbia

This monument was posted in 2002, on 90 years of aviation anniversary. Location of this monument is in front of the court building, in Vojvode Putnika street. It is Icarus monument copy of one in Zemun Serbia

Monument to fallen heroes in National Liberation Battle in Nis

Memorial tomb to fallen heroes in National Liberation Battle in Nis Serbia, Burrial place of Mija Stanimirovic and 12 partisans, Sindjelicev square monument in Niš

This monument is located in front of the National Theater in Niš. In the middle of Sindjelić square in main area on the city. The local story about this monument that there is a crypt on this place. And in that crypt are coffins of this heroes hanged on chains. By that source, in some past times there was possibility to go in. Today, here is monument to Partisans of this region. Here is burred Mija Stanimirović. He also has one more monument in 7 July park. Not far away from here. Beside him here are burred 12 more people, his fellow fighters. They are Rada Kovačević, Duško Kostić, Marko Jovanović, Božidar Lešjanin, Vitko Savković, Dušan Tasković, Danilo Prica, Mija Petrović, Mika Paligorić, Aca Petrović, Branko Jekić, Miodrag Taušanović. The monument dates from 1951.

Some of this monuments are important locally because our history. And also if you are here, you can find a lot about the history of us. And maybe, our history with your country. Probably also the future. Here are listed most noteworthy monuments what to see in city of Niš. Certainly there are few more that can bee seen.

You can read more about Must see monuments in Niš. About city of Niš you can read on our page Niš. About important buildings in the city read on Fortress in city of Niš.

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