If you are coming to city of Niš by airplane on our Constantine the Great airport or by land (bus or car) Monuments in city of Niš adventure awaits you.

What kind of Monuments in city of Niš Serbia can be found

When talking about visiting city of Niš, you probably wonder about sightseeing. What is there to see? Monuments in city of Niš all around the city. But they could be divided in two groups. Monuments in city of Niš, fortress and the other group, monuments around the city. They can be divided in to Must see monuments in city of Niš (like Mediana, Red cross concentration camp, Banovina building or Fortress) or small ones (statues etc.). Small one are not less important but have smaller dimensions. Also can be seen with less time. Niš was known through history as the “Gate between the east and west”. The gate was and is still, road from Europe to Asia, and Asia to Europe. Because of that, many local historic clashes happened here. And events also.

City of Niš has long history. In that history many events happened and marked the city that is today. Modern, European city. People here are fun loving and open to new experiences and people. We have beautiful city that needs to be presented to whole world so it can enjoy together with us. Our food places, our urban places, our history places will be very interesting for you to see and find out.

City of Nis Serbia Nigh on Bulevard in Niš, King Aleksandar Monument, public monument and fountain in Nis, view on a fortress in Niš

They are all worth seeing if you want to know our interesting history. For ever you like to see, something is here for you. And also, there is eternal hedonism in going out, and our gastronomy in city of Niš

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