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Enjoy lake Bovan

Bovan is artificial lake geographically situated between Aleksinac and Sokobanja Spa, on about 10km from spa. It is great for relaxing and vacation or fishing. Called fisherman’s heaven from the people from this part of country. Camping place’s here is all natural, but that is the great reason to be here with your friends and loved ones to have barbecue and fun. In nearby wood there are animals like foxes, wolfs, different kind of birds etc. If you love nature and relaxing, and do not know where to go in Serbia, Niš and southern and eastern Serbia is place for you.

The lake was created in 1978. for purpose of accumulation of water from nearby mountains. The lake water is used for supplying the town Aleksinac with drinking water.

The legend about Bovan

Judging by the name which is not original name Bovan as today, than Bolvan, the territory got it’s name by the old Serbian village from the early Middle Ages. Bolvan, the Slavic word meaning statue. The name indicates that the settlement existed from the time of the old Slavs faith with the Temple in which a divine statue.

On the shores of Lake Bovan there are beaches, which in summer attract swimmers from the surrounding area towns. Even people from city of Niš come to lake to enjoy and relax. And also as tourists staying in Sokobanja and Aleksinac are regular here. Lake hosts offer you attractions as you can rent pedal boats, and is also a popular destination for sailing lovers.  A rich fish world is located in lake Bovan. Sailing regatta “Bovan” every April and September.

The main purpose of the lake water is water supply of Aeksinac. But today, the lake is a real tourist attraction for lovers of water and water sports.

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Top photo and bottom left by Senka CC BY-SA 3.0; Winter Bovan by Cveleglg