Kurvingrad, Koprijan and also Korvingrad. Is ancient town with three names. Is located very near from Niš on about 11km distance. In theory, origins of today’s fortress are from 14th century. It was build on foundations of ancient fortress from ancient Roman time.

ancient fortress Kurvingrad near Niš, photo of Kurvingrad or Korvingrad, Koprijan, Kurvingrad, Korvingrad

Traces of Romans and Byzantines can be found even today surrounding this area. Even traces from 6th century, buildings, mosaics etc. In WWI here was German occupation forces camp.

Kurvingrad, Koprijan and also Korvingrad

Most noteworthy, this area was important form the start. To all rulers, Romans, Ottomans, Germans and also again Serbian. It is known as a fact that in time of last Ottoman occupation this fortress was destroyed to the grounds.

Probably, that was in year 1411. Much at wars, fortress was used as building material for Fortress in Niš. Furthermore, even sign was found of Koprian Fortress among it. It is preserved today in Museum of city of Niš archives.

Because Kurvingrad, Koprijan or Korvingrad was changing owners it was destroyed many times. As a result of that, today we have only ruins here. In addition, in 20 century, this was better preserved building as you can see in photo.

About the name Kurvingrad

Seems like the name is after one legend that says that some empress seduced a monk in this place. Other legend is similar to this one. By that legend name was because Some women seduced guards of fortress Kurvingrad, Koprijan or Korvingrad every night. And also third theory is that the name came from Austrian ruler Matthias Corvinus (Matija Korvin).

In conclusion, this is great historic monument yet to be excavated and seen even by local either the foreign tourists.

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