Jelasnica Gorge is a nature park located near Nis and Nis Spa. About 15 kilometers from them. This gorge is beautified by the Jelasnicka river that flows through it. And at the foot of the Suva planina mountain. It is three kilometers from Niška Banja spa. The nearest inhabited place is the village of Jelasnica. This gorge is also located on the road between two villages, Cukljnik and Jelasnica. It is one of the favorite picnic spots in Nis, with its two kilometers in length.

How to get to Jelasnica gorge

Jelasnica gorge is easily accessible. You can reach it by car when you go another three kilometers from the village of Jelasnica. The only road that leads from the direction of Nis to the villages of Cukljenik, Donja and Gornja Studena. You can reach the gorge by bike with almost no effort. And also, if you want, there is a bus transport to Jelasnica gorge. At the suburban bus station, catch the bus on the line to Gornja Studena, line 21.

Hostory of Jelasnica gorge

The creation of the Jelasnica gorge takes us to the distant past. There used to be a sea here. And all the rocks were formed then. Many millions of years ago. In relatively recent history, about 100,000 years ago, the ancestors of today’s people were here. About which there is evidence found in the cave of Pesturina.

Many facts speak about the importance of this gorge throughout history. Others refer to the road that passes here. In Roman times it was called Via Millitaris. And because of its importance, there were fortifications here at the time to protect it. Their remains can still be found here today. In the later period of the Ottoman Empire, this road was called Imperial Road.

Pesturina cave Jelasnica gorge

The Pesturina Cave is very important due to one fact. A very important historical discovery was found in this cave. It is a tooth of a prehistoric man. That is, his older child, teenager. A child from the period over 100 thousand years ago. Only one fact speaks of how great this discovery in the Pesturina cave is. The existence of these ancient people in Serbia territory was only assumed. Until this moment. And they are the genetic code of the ancestors of all of us in Europe and part of Asia. The world famous Journal of Hueman evolution magazine also wrote about this discovery. This, along with the Mala and Velika Balanica Caves in the Sićevačka gorge, is perhaps by far the greatest discovery of Serbia.

caves in Jelasnica, picnic area in Jelasnica

Extreme sports in Jelasnica gorge

rock climbing Serbia, Jelasnica rock climbing

In the Jelasnica gorge, steep rocks represent something that is certainly a good thing. These are natural rocks that are the best in Serbia for extreme rock climbing. In addition, there are walking tours, hiking and trekking, but also adventure runs that can be organized. And which are organized.

Vodopad Ripaljka Jelasnica

You can see the Ripaljka waterfall in the Jelasnica gorge. It should be distinguished from Ripaljka Sokobanja waterfall. This waterfall can be easily reached by an asphalt road that passes through the gorge. It is located on the right side. It is about 8 meters high. You can also reach the Ripaljka waterfall by a walking path.

waterfalls of Serbia, waterfall near Nis, Jelasnica waterfall

What to see in Jelasnica gorge

Along this path you can see “Prozorac” as well as “Carevo korito”. Prozorac represents an open top of the rock. Window in the rock. The two most famous are Kupina (Blackberry) and Saint Ilija. The emperor’s trough is a depression in the rock that resembles a trough. You can also rest there. And according to local legend, Emperor Constantine the Great used that recess as a bathtub. Various pillars of rock, drips, etc. You can also see the remains of the Jelasnica mine. He was active in the second half of the 19th century, until the middle of the 20th.

Podkapina is a small cave, ie. cave in the beginning. The Jekasnica gorge is also home to the Potkapina picnic area. There are also caverns. Of which the most famous are the “Latin Church” and the “Skrivnica”. And you can climb to the peak Radov kamen, from the gorge in Jelasnica. Radov kamen is located at an altitude of 580 meters. Due to its low height and accessibility, it is easy for climbers. Group hiking and mountaineering associations visits from Nis and other cities are often organized to here. There is also the village of Jelasnica. And the remains of two former churches, Sveti Arhangel Mihail and Sveti Ilija.

Selo Jelašnica potiče iz 1498. Bar se tada prvi put pominje z spisima. ali po nekim ostacima, arheolozi tvrde da život na toj lokaciji postoji iz doba neolita.

The village of Jelashnica originates from 1498. At least then it is mentioned for the first time in writings. But according to some remains, archaeologists claim that life at that site dates back to the Neolithic era.

Nathaliae Ramonda i Nathaliae Serbica, Jelasnica trademark

Jelasnica gorge, as well as the Sićevačka gorge, are famous and known for two type of flowers. These are Nathaliae Ramonda and Nathaliae Serbica. Very rare in the world. In the true sense of the word. Because, in the Balkans, they exist together only in the vicinity of Nis. In Jelasnica gorge and Sicevacka gorge. Called the “Phoenix Flower” because of its ability to regenerate. When the rain bathes them, they revive and revitalize all functions. Natalija Ramonda (Nathaliae Ramonda) which was named after our queen Natalija Obrenović. It is also important because the motif for the symbol is the emblem of the Day of Reconciliation in the First World War, 11th November. Apart from the flora, there is also a rich and diverse animal world here.

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Ripaljka Jelašnica waterfall credits White Writer, Prozorac credits to Srđan Mitić ; Ramonda nathaliae credits too Francine Riez ; Potkapina cave credits to Dzumba54n, Climbing rocks credits to DjordjeMarkovic ; Jelasnica gorge panorama and rock pillars credits Zerocool.marko