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About Jastrebac mountain

Jastrebac mountain can be visited very fast from Niš as it is geographically situated around Niš, Aleksinac, Prokuplje, in southern and eastern Serbia. From Niš it is about 70km to this mountain, from Aleksinac it’s about 50km. It consists of two parts, Mali (Small) And Veliki (Big)  Jastrebac, and has tallest high peak, Djulica, is on 1491m.

Flora and fauna on Jatrebac mountain

Woods, in first place white birch are covering the mountain. With that you can find a many water steams of clean water. For people who love nature there is a lot of dandelion, wild strawberries, apples and pears, various kinds of edible mushrooms so everyone can enjoy the visit.

During winter here you can ski on a low trail ski path (560m), and accommodation(460m). And numerous hiking routes can be found in this mountain as well as excursions to the picnic palces “the Major fountain”, “Two Sisters”, the old church of St.Petka, the “Valley of birch,” medieval fortress “Gradac” etc. Ribarska Banja (literaly translated Fisherman Spa) is located in base of mountain. More about Ribarska (Fishermans) Spa you can read on our page about Ribarska Spa Mountain has great value hunting ground, Veliki Jastrebac, and it is farm for farming hunting animals. Deer, wild boar and roe deer are situated here for that purpose. It is all located in resort with a lake and restaurants. And also the house hunting and other hunting-technical facilities, which meet the standards of hunting tourism. Rivers of South Morava on the west, Toplica on the south and Rasina on the east are surrounding Jatrebac mountain.
For those who prefer natural food, Jastrebac has many wild edible plants: nettle, dandelion, wild strawberries, apples and pears, various types of edible mushrooms that with good preparation, are very healthy food. Do not forget the kitchen in all restaurants, hotels, resorts here on this mountain reflects the spirit of tradition and healthy food.

jastrebac mountain, panorama view of Jatrebac

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