Having doubts how to get to city of Nis, Serbia. If you never been here it is big probability that you are. Than, let us help you with that problem and make things easier for you. Important thing is that it was never easier to do it. First option I can recommend to you is to come directly to our local airport Constantine The Great (INI).

The best way how get to city of Nis Serbia

Low cost companies Wizzair, Ryan air and Swiss currently are taking passengers to city of Niš. Connected cities are Bratislava, Dortmund, Malmo, Basel, Memmingen, Milan, Zurich, Stockholm, Berlin, Dusseldorf and flights are going every week.

City of Nis Serbia Nigh on Bulevard in Niš, King Aleksandar Monument, public monument and fountain in Nis, view on a fortress in Niš

For help about buying tickets you can visit our pages about Buy airline tickets and Buy low cost tickets. Or you can visit official websites of companies Wizz air, Ryanair and Swiss to buy tickets there.

Except cities that I mentioned above, you can have one or more stops there and travel from London, Porto, Warsaw, Dublin, Pescara, Koln, Cagliari, Bari, Barcelona, Brindisi, Amsterdam, Madrid, Oslo, Košice, Leeds, Prague, Venice, Stuttgart, Stockholm, Munich, Lugano, Hanover, Geneva, Florence, Copenhagen, Brussels and more. For help around that, feel free to contact us and we will give our best to help you.

From local airport Constantine The Great you can come to the rest of the city by city bus, or taxi service. Bus tickets will cost you around 80 Serbian dinars (0,6 euros) and taxi service will cost you about 2 euros or 250rsd. See list of taxi services in city of Niš.

You can have rent a car too.

Panorama of city of Niš, rooftop Niš, river Nišava, Niš from air, How to get to city of Nis

There are three mayor land ways to come to Nis, if you prefer coming by bus or car. It is from Belgrade, Serbia. From Belgrade to Niš you can travel fastest by highway E80. Distance is about 240km to city of Niš. Other is from Sofia, Bulgaria. It is 160km from this two cities. Coming form Sofia and Bulgaria to Niš is by A80 highway. And Third is from Skopje, Macedonia, it is about 215km long, by E75.

Come to city of Niš from city of Belgrade

Belgrade is capital of Republic of Serbia, where is located Airport Nicola Tesla. It is big international airport with more than 5 million passengers a year. As you land to Belgrade, Serbia you can take taxi to their main bus station. Or you can take a ride with Blabla car or Car and go app, to same bus station or directly to city of Niš. In that way, ride will be more faster and comfortable but a little more expensive probably.

Average drive from Belgrade to Niš with that app is about 1000 Serbian dinars (local currency) or 8 euros. If you want to city of Niš by bus you will get here for 3 hours, with direct bus. Buses go on every 30 minutes, so you will start your journey to us fast. Price of bus transportation is about 1500 Serbian dinars or 13euros in one direction.

Taking taxi at Belgrade airport can be tricky so I recommend calling Belgrade taxi service +38111 9801 and request for vehicle. That ride will cost you about 10euros or 1500 Serbian dinars.

Come to the city of Niš from city of Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is capital of Bulgaria, neighboring country. If you are coming to Niš from Sofia easiest way is to take a bus. You can take it at central bus station in Sofia twice a day. The drive is about 4 and a half hours. Price of tickets is about 15 euros.

Come to the city of Niš from Skopje, Macedonia

The direct bus heading for Nis leaves two times a day. And to Skopje you can come by airplane to their international Airport. To Belgrade, Serbia or Skopje you can come with regular aero transport. Or Low cost companies. To Nis airport (INI) direct, with plane, you can come with low cost companies. More about trips to Niš directly or with one or few stops you can read on our page about that.

Useful links:
The official web page of Central Bus Station in Belgrade: http://www.bas.rs/basweb_eng/RedVoznje.aspx?lng=en
The official web page of Central Bus Station in Sofia: http://www.centralnaavtogara.bg
The official web page of Skopje Bus Station: http://www.sas.com.mk/en

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