If you wonder how to get to Nis Serbia, one of solutions is by plane. In city of Nis there is airport Constantine the Great (INI) with it’s offer of low cost flights to Niš.

History of Nis airport Serbia

Aierport Nis has long history. It dates from beginning of 20th century. It started with decision that Airborne station be formed in Nis. It was in 1908. Few years later command was formed here. First flight from this city was in 1935. From 1952. airport is on today’s location.

Till today airport in Nis went through many phases. Today airport Constantine the Grat in Nis Serbia is international airport. With many international low cost flights to Nis and from Nis.

Cheap flights to Nis Serbia

Today, you can fly to airport in Nis Serbia from numerous destinations in Europe. Companies that are flying to Nis and from Nis are Wizzair, Ryanair and Swiss. Unofficial information that progress of airport in Nis is supported with 12 more international destinations. To Nis Serbia. And also from Nis.

Airport Nis flights

On airport in Nis Serbia flights are international to Nis, and serbia. And also from Nis. At the moment, Constantine the Great airport flights are from three low cost companies. They are everyday flights. Ticket prices to airport in Nis (INI) are very affordable. And also to Constantine the Great airport. With one or more stops you could visit us from much more destinations than from direct ones. And also vice versa.

Constantine the Great cheap flights

At this moment three international low cost companies operate to airport Constantine the Great. They are Wizz air, Ryanair and Swiss. Traveling with Swiss you can come to Niš from over 30 countries in Europe, with connected flight. But also, directly from Zurich Switzerland airport (ZRH). Swiss at the moment fly directly on flight Zurich to Niš and vice versa. Flights from Zurich to Nis Serbia are every week on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Wizzair cheap flights to Nis Serbia

Wizzair company fliy to Nis from multiple destinations. The flights are from cities
Malmö (Sweden), Wienna (Austria), Dortmund and Memmingen (Germany) and Basel (France). From Wienna to Niš there are flightsevery Tuesday, Wednesdaym Thursday, Saturday and sunday. Five times a week. Flights to Nis from Basel are every week, three dayas a week.

From Basel to Nis Wizz air flyes every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. From Memmingen airoport there are flights to Nis serbia every week on Monday and Friday. Memmingen is located about 100km from Munich. From Malmö there flights four times a week.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Second city in Germany that is directly connected to Nis Serbia with cheap flights is Dortmund. Wizzair fly from Dortmund to Nis every Sunday, Monday and Friday.

If it’s possibile for you to land on come to any of this airports in Europe, you can check fro flights to Nis Serbia (INI) and come directly here. Low cost flights to Nis are really good opportunity to come here with more than affordable prices.

This summer flight schedule is for period till 31.10. You sould check the info for sure on company flights for delay and changes. You can buy flight tickets on our website. For destinations where can you fly from Nis airport see page on that. For city transportation lines and airport transfer see this page for that.

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