The city of Nis is one of main cities of Serbia. As such, it is central part of many area of life of citizens of Serbia. So, for that reason, when we are talking about festivals in Nis, we are talking about festivals in Serbia. In our, special, southern way. Many of them can be seen during festivals. Some of them are international. Other are local, but not less important than others.

Movie festival of Nis

Movie festival, fireworkds, fortress, summer festival

Festival of film and acting in Nis Serbia is called Movie festival in Nis. It started in 1966. And it is lasting till today. It is held every year, in last week of August. It is taking place in Amphitheater of fortress of Nis. During this festival, there is one rule. Keys of the city are held by actors, symbolic way. In that time Nis is city of actors. That symbolic way is done by giving key to Chairman of the jury with saying “Actors, fortress is ours!” There are more than 4000 seats in amphitheater, so it was biggest cinema in Ex Yugoslavia. And also a biggest movie festival.

On movie festival “Filmski susreti” in Nis there are few rewards. They are “Naisa, Carica Teodora, Car Konstantin, and Pavle Vujisić”” as most important ones. The most important guests of this festival in it’s long history are actors Richard Burton i Elizabeth Taylor. It was national film festival,even in Ex Yugoslavia.

Because specific situation of our country, movie from Ex Yugoslav republic can be presented here also. The program of this movie festival can be seen on this link. Beside official program of Movie festival Nis, there is also secondary program of festival. In that period that are some events in the city organized by the organizers of festival.

For this festival, thickets are bought in advance, and it’s very popular. They can be bought in few points in the city. During this festival, atmosphere in city is great. All festival is about week long.

Nisveille international jazz festival Nis Serbia

nis serbia jazza festival, nisville serbia, nisville jazz festival Nis Serbia

This amazing music festival started in 1995. Since than till now it became one of world best jazz festivals. With more than 100 thousand visitors. Festival is held in Fortress of Nis, mostly. If you decide to visit us in that period, you will love it, for sure.

Even if you are not jazz fan. Atmosphere in the city during festival, even after, is great. Is a must experience. The festival itself is organized in different music stages, with different themes. It offers you much, from museum to workshop and parties. It has open parts where you can enter for free. Or tickets only parts. Nisville festival last few days, four to six.

Thare are many different jazz performances, on eight stages. Main stage is Earth/sky stage, open stage, Midnight jazz stage, Šaban’s friends world music stage, Air stage, Welcome stage, Museum and Hip Hop stage.

That are main stages of Nisville festival. Beside them, there are many festivals and workshop connected with Nisville in one. Such are Striporama festival, Nisville Showcase, Jazz for kids, Old cars old-timer fest. And also Kristina Nisville movie festival and more, all together 12. Official website of Nisville international jazz music festival is

You can buy your tickets there. And also on few points in the city, before and during festival. Program of Nisville festival for this year can be seen on link here.

Striporama comic art festival Nis

One more festival, connected with Nisville festival, is Commic book festival in Nis Serbia. It is organized by “Juzni Darkwood comic book store” and Nisville festiva. It is held in same time as music festival. Beside comic book market, there are lots entertaining events there. Like comic book making school, authors signing, comic book heroes role play etc.

It is international festival, so you can see cartoonists from leading printing houses of the world. All events in the Striporama fest are free. The main happening of Striporama is held in Fortress on Nis. Other events connected with it are on other locations, even across the city. Striporama comic book festival program can be seen here.

Museum night in Nis

Night of the museums, as every event of this kind in the world is for presenting tourist attraction of that city and surrounding. The event itself is organized from 2005., and here from 2007. Every year is more attractive, and offer is better.

Presentation of Nis Serbia becomes better. On this day, all museums that are part of this event are free to enter. The event is fro few day, but the main day is on every May 18th. on every year, great part of organization is taken by Public museum in Niš and it’s objects.

Objects of Museum of Nis that are in 2019. that are included in this event su Archeological room, Skull tower, 12 February concentration camp, and also Mediana (that is closed for now). In Mediana is organized classical music concert by the exhibition. On our post of Program for Museum night Nis Serbia see offer for the event.

For Museum night you can say that it’s celebration for everyone. To visitors, who can enjoy everything organized for this night. And also to museums and galleries. In that period museums organize special exhibition and events. You could say “holiday” Except Public museum of Nis objects, there are events in History archive, National theater in Nis, Public Library in Nis etc. And also organizations that are giving their contribution for that week.

Nimus music festival in Nis

symphony nis, symphony orchestra nis, nis serbia orchestra

NIMUS music festival of Nis started in 1974. Name is short of Music festival of Nis in Serbian. It is held every year at the end of October and beginning of November. This is festival of classical music. Organizers of this festival are Symphony orchestra of Nis and Student cultural center of Nis. It is international festival. For that reason you can hear every year performing of foreign artists. To see NIMUS program see our post here.

International choir festival

Nis International choir festival, that is Amateur choir singing festival, started in 1966. One of most important manifestations in Nis and Serbia. In past, Ex Yugoslavia, it was named Yugoslav choir festival. For the ones who love choir singing, this festival will be, and is, real treat. Repertoire of International choir festival in Nis Serbia can be seen here.

Days of Saint Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen in Nis

As birthplace of Constantine the Great, the city of Nis Serbia has special event day dedicated to him and his mother. His importance in history is immeasurable. And also it is going beyond any city or country. No matter how large it is. No matter, here we have celebration in their name. Celebration of the city of Nis is Saint Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen. Celebration is few days long, and consists of events, concerts, church celebration, near the Church of St. Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen. In that period, music festival PozitivNi happens.

PozitivNi music festival in Nis

festivals of nis serbia, positivNis music festival, nis serbia festivals

Festival PozitivNi started in name of remembrance of urban life of Nis in past years. In that time Dusanova street took central part of social life of young people. That is why it’s held in Dusanova street, which is closed in period of happening. Except this part of festival, there is one more. Second is happening in Cair park. Festival started in 2015. so it’s relatively young. It is happening in first weekend of June, and lasts for four days. Every day is different program, with different name. They are named KlasičNi (Classical), AlternativNI (Alternative) i RadosNi (Joyfull), Niški (from Nis) i PrirodNi (Natural).

Come to Amphi

Come to Amphi is street culture festival. Promoting of street culture is main mission of this festival. There are street music (hip hop), inter cultural communication, respect of human rights, social inclusion, anti hate speech promotion etc. Aim of this street festival in Nis is inclusion of young people and encourage them in social life. Festival is held in amphitheater on Nisava river riverside, and entrance is free. In festival there are sport activities, music (hip hop). And also, there is promotion of street art, graffiti, comics etc. Program of this year, and also previous, for this festival, you can see here. Festival started in 2012.

Book fair Nis

Book fair in Nis is short called from Nis festival of books and graphics. It is second largest event of this kind in Serbia. It is taking place in October and November. Place of this event is sports hall Cair. In 2019. was 56 book fair. And also, except this main part, there are other parts of this festival. They are in form of presentation, promotion, writers meetings. In that period there is also comic book fair, organized by Student cultural center. In this time you could buy your favorite books and comic with large discount.

Nisomnia music festival

Nisomnia nis, music festival Serbia, Nis Serbia music festival

Nis music festival Nisomnia, has very interesting history. This is biggest festival of this type here. It started 2002. And it is held in till today. Nisomnia takes placein September, and last few days. Program of Nisomnia festival can be seen on this link. You could listen different types of music on the festival, dj and enjoy.

Crossroad theater in Nis Serbia

National theater in Nis, Nis theater, theater in Nis

Crossroad theater is great festival of drama and Balkan theater, held in Nis Serbia. It is organized by Nis National theater. This theater festival is in march, and lasts for few days. It started in 2019, and all is played in National theater in Nis. Beside theater shows, there are events in the city, connected with it. There is different show every day. Crossroad theater program can be seen here.

International art colony in Sicevo

Art festival. It is held in September, in Sićevo, near Nis Serbia. Long name of this festival is International art colony Sićevo. It lasts for a week. The prime reward given here is Ramonda Serbika. It is intended for the the artist who gave biggest contribution and artwork. It is held in Sićevo, old school in this village. This colony was started by Mihajlo Ignjatović, poet and novelist from Nis. In International art colony in Sićevomain event is open talk among poets. On this talk, it is discussed about poets current topics about futures works.

Vine and brandy fair, vine tourism and gastronomy in Nis

Interesting manifestation. Perfect for the people who enjoy the wine. Wine festival in Nis. In the event is present large number of wineries, domestic and foreign. Per wine fair number goes even up to 50. It is held in August, on summer stage in Fortress of Nis. You can try every wine there, or buy it with the discount. Also, there are bendy and liker’s also on fair.

Days of burek, food festival in Nis Serbia

One of things that is city of Nis famous for is food. One of specialties from Nis Serbia is amazing burek from Nis. How much local love burek can be seen in fact that we have our gastronomy festival dedicated to burek. In past period, event was local, but in time it became international. Beside burek, there are some other kind of food that you could try. And also, you could try some new kinds of Nis burek. Now there is burek with cheese and meet, but also with cream, pizza burek, spinach etc. If you come to Nis, it is recommended that you try it. Program of Burek days or Burekdzijada, find here. The festival of burek is organized from 2003.

International student folklore festival in Nis

Folklore festival, or Nis student festival of national dance, is festival of national dancing. It is international festival. In 2019. there will be performers form guest countries from Bulgaria, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, Romania, North Macedonia and India. In 2018. festival guests were from Mexico, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Greece, China and Georgia. Festival started in 2007. In earlier period there were performers form other countries. It lasts form second part of July, till the end of that month. It is organized by Academic folklore troupe ORO Nis and Student cultural center. Concerts are held even in towns near city of Nis. For concerts in Nis fortress amphitheater you must buy tickets. For other concerts, they are free. It is great opportunity to see different national uniforms from the world. Festival is great and colorful. Often very exotic.

Protectors of fortress in Nis

Protectors of fortress in Nis is International knights festival held in Nis. In fortress of Nis exactly. There you could go back in time and experience knight fights, knights time, knights beer etc. In specific atmosphere of Fortress of Nis. Festival is open to public and free to 20:00. Program of Protectors of Nis fortress can be seen here. Organizer of this festival is Organization “Zmajeva griva”.

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