Early Christian Basilicas and tombs in city of Niš are in today’s times on five locations in city of Niš. As place of birth of Constantine the Great it is expected for many Christian traces of the past. They mostly date from IV or V century.

Earliest time Christianity monuments in city of Nis Serbia

As I see this, it would be great experience to see them live. For everyone. So lets start with them. This is something important for Serbia travel tourists. It is one of must see things and great experience in Nis Serbia, and also in world. They are one of the oldest tourist attractions in Niš, Serbia.

Every of this monuments, by my opinion, should be in Niš and also Serbia tourist guides. As must see monuments. All this monument in Nis Serbia are protected by state.

Early Christian Basilica in Jagodin mala location in Niš

First of all, when you are entering Niš by road from Belgrade you will see this monument on your left side. Because it is located in part of Niš called Jagodin Mala. And also is next to the street. Exhumation and research of this place started in 1933.

It dates back from V or beginning of VI century. Till then it was not underground. In Ottoman era, it was used as prison for local people. It has bars around it, but in can be seen from the top. On this place was church, had sarcophagus and also a tombs. It is presumed that it’s burial place of Constantine the Great successors.

Beside them, there were multiple skeletons. Most of the findings are robbed in ancient times. Naissus, was in that era very important religious center. This ancient Christian basilica is relatively preserved. It is unknown for certain, who was buried here. Except presumption.

But names of religious elders of that ancient time of basilica in known. Cyriacus and Gaudentiusaround 343. Bononius 350. Martianus 409. Gaianus 516. And also Projetus 550. In time of Kingdome of Serbia, there was a interest of rulers to move citizens who lived in central part of the city.

They were to be populated in this area. But after a while it was not put to work. In this area it is considered that underneath the houses are probably ancient Roman ruins. So, giving up on moving population on other part of the city was great idea.

Early Christian Basilica in Pantelej location in Niš

Early Christian Basilica in Pantelej location, Red building in high school dorm, Ancient roman monument in Niš

This one is very important because this is rarely found tomb with Christ monogram. Exact location of this tomb is in yard of high school dorm company, ex WWI Serbian orphanage. There is red building. In there, or under, is another location of early Christian burial place. The location in closed, and you need special permission to enter it. It is located in old part of Niš called Pantelej, where is also church St. Panteleimon in part of the city called Pantelej. In Kosovke devojke street. Most of all, it is not far from the one in Jagodin mala tomb, so you can see it. Next to it is Important building, former “English orphanage”. Today, this building serves as high school children dormitory. They are both tourist attraction of Niš and also Serbia. And they are on the way to the next Christian tomb.

Early Christian Basilica in Durlan location in Niš

Third century must see monument in Benetton facory Nis Serbia, Location of monuments in Benetton factory in Niš, Nis Serbia must see monuments

Recently, few years ago when workers starting to build factory in city of Niš Serbia, they were surprised. They were not deep in the ground, just unknown. Tomb is in depth of about one meter in the ground. And also it was important finding because here are numerous graves located. About thirty of them, in few large tombs. It can be seen from the street. But for entering location special aprovement is needed. On the photo is view from the street. You can see one of Nis Serbia must see monument covered. For preservation purposes. This Nis monument dates probably from third or fourth century. Skeletons are conserved and protected.

Early Christian Basilica in Spa of Niš location

Finally, Spa of Niš is one of the oldest spas in Serbia, and Europe. This Niš and Serbia tourist attraction is located in central part of Spa of Niš. This must see monument location is opened for tourist so it can be visited. This amazing Niš Serbia must see finding is built as brick monument of that time. It dates form sixth century.

This Nis Serbia and also world must see monument was found by luck. When near by hotel was built and foundations was dag. And it was in 1972. Beside tombs here were found some small objects like combs, bowl and two skeletons. After exhumation, this tomb was restored and protected.

Fifth location of basilica is in Fortress of Niš.

Constantin the Great sign found in Early Christian Basilica in Nis Serbia, Constantine sign in tomb

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