The drinkable water in city of Nis can be drank from taps or public places. At least in 99% of places. One of things that are Nis Serbia people proud is our water. It is one of cleanest and the best water of country and Europe. So when you are here, be glad to use it.

But, have in mind that water form this taps is checked by Public Health institute in Nis periodically. This is eco friendly, saving money and convenient for travelers way for refreshing.

Public fountains in city of Niš

In city of Nis, there are three public fountain. Two of them are in the center of the city. On the beginning of Obrenovićeva street and on the end. The fist can be seen in King’s Milan square. Other in near Kalča shopping center. The third is in Spa of Nis. In the main area of the spa. Two minutes by foot from the waterfall and early byzantine basilica. And also, the final bus stop, when you are coming to the spa by bus.

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Drinkable water in public taps in city of Niš

In city of Nis, water is very clean. You can drink tap water. And also, you can drink water from public taps. There are seventeen public taps where you can drink water. Or just refresh yourself, or maybe fill your bottle with clean fresh water.

For drinking water in city of Nis numbers are very good. It is in top five drinking waters of Europe. So don’t worry about health after drinking it. Water is regularly checked by water supply company and public health laboratory for changes. During hot period they are all working, but during winter only some of them are.

Our public taps are opened for everyone. And, in hot summer days, it is great we have them for cooling off. Most of our 17 taps are on Mediana municipality. Except one, which is in spa of Nis.

List of Nis tap are:

  • public tap in The republica square ( in front of “Stara Srbija kafana”)
  • Barel public tap near Palipula railway ramp
  • In front Mediana city municipality office building
  • In front of public health center “Dom zdravlja”
  • 14. October (near main Orthodox cathedral)
  • Queen Natalia’s tap on Pavle Stojković square
  • King Aleksandar the unifier square
  • The Patriarch Pavle square (in front of Puppet theatre)
  • In front of the ticket sales office for Scull tower monument
  • In front of shopping center Kalca on Stevan Sremac square
  • Snail in Cair park
  • In front of the My place hotel on Nisava riverside decembre 29.
  • Dona’s tap in Episkopska street
  • Cairs tap in King Milan’s square
  • Between shopping mall Zona 1 and Zona 2
  • public tap in St.Sava park near church “St. Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen”

Another tap is in part of Nis called Brzi brod  near city office. Second tap not located in Mediana is in spa of Nis, in the park. This one is very near early Byzantine tomb.

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