Day’s of burek is food festival dedicated to only one of local specialties, burek. And also, it is competition of local bakeries in making of this local food. There are guest bakeries in festival, with their own products and food.

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Burek days 2019

Burek days of 2019. will be held in period from 14.08.2009. till 18.08.2019. The festival will be held In front  of the Officers club building. The time of festival is from 18:00 do 24:00 hours on 15.08. and 16.08. And for last two days (17.08. i 18.08.) from 12:00 till 24:00 hours.

  • For the first day and grand opening, program starts with goup from Greece Oktava. After them, there is group form Romania and local band La Campanella
  • Second day of “Buregdžijada” plan is to start with concert of children’s group “Majska pesma”. It is followed by folk group from village Grkinja, and tasting of new kind of burek. After that, it Oktava band time. Traditional music from Bulgaria and Romania is after them, and DJ for the end of the evening.
  • For 17.8. plan is to start with folk dance troup form Spa of Niš. It is continued with The best burek of Nis competition. Oktava band concert is planned after that. After which is followed by groups form Romania and Bulgaria. Dj is for the end.
  • Last day starts with grou Oktava. After them, dance troupe, and concert of traditional music from Romania. Fro the festival closing is “Kruševac geto” band.

Burek days 2018

  • 16.08.2018. Bend “Okrava” from Greece, Grand opening of the event, “Generacija 5” band

  • 17.08.2018. “Majska pesma” children choir, tasting of biggest “burek”, artist Djordje Denić, band “Okrava” Greece

  • 18.08.2018. country dance artistis “Vuk Karadžić“, competition in preparation of the best “burek”, bend “Okrava” Greece,

  • 19.08.2018. “Okrava” Greece, “La kampanella” band Niš, grand closing of the event.

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