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Day life in Niš, city of Serbia? Very long and rich history makes one of unique cities in Europe for everyone. We are international city that makes a difference in relationship between people and love to give our contribution in guest enjoyment here.

Day life in Niš Serbia

As one of business and administrative center  of Serbia, Niš has a rich social life. There are many bars with different themes, so you could enjoy your stay  and cant be bored. If you like museums and art, be sure to read About Niš page so you could for a moment understand what are we proud so much.

People here love food, that’s why we have a lot of restaurants called “Kafana“. There you can enjoy in great food, music, service and atmosphere and be a part of local culture. We love them and you will love them also.

You can go there for breakfast, lunch, dinner and just for fun. If you love going out to clubs, you can here. All of them are part of your pleasure here. All business and no fun is not recommended here, you deserve it as guest of international City of Nis Serbia.

Sports in Niš

If you are sports person, be sure to see our sports clubs. We are great in football (Radnički FC), basketball, tennis, or some individual sport like climbing, paragliding. All is here. You can play or just watch the games, professional or amateur, you are welcome everywhere.

Want to go to see some movies? You can! Want to go to cool of at swimming pool from hot day with many young positive people? You can!

Find about nightlife in Nis Serbia. Having doubts where to in Serbia. This is the right place for you. With excursion in Niš, south and east Serbia, you will have great adventure, relax or medicine time. Contact us for help.

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