Bicycle tour from Nis to Pirkovac Monastery is a very interesting route due to several things. Its length depends on the path you can take. The old road to Aleksinac is about 30 kilometers long. The second road is through the villages of Kamenica, Cerje, and it is a little shorter, but with a much higher slope. Also, it is located on about 20 kilometers form town Svrljig.

Nis to monastery Pirkovac route, cycling Nis to Pirkovac

Enjoy Nis to Monastery Pirkovac tour

Here you can experience beautiful nature, but also history. In addition, there is a swimming pool with natural water in the village of Popšica, the Vidrište picnic area, the beauties of the Toponička river and its gorge, the Topilo spa, the Monastery of the Holy Archangel Gavrilo in Pirkovac. In this tour you can see the remains of two former fortifications, Železnik and Gradište in Miljkovac. The legend of Jova’s pit and the hidden treasure in it is still relevant today. End some gold adventurers are still coming to search for it.

From city of Nis to Monastery Pirkovac

Certainly the road from Nis to the village of Pirkovac is a good choice for a weekend adventure. Monastery Pirkovac is located in the same name village. Of course, if you ride a bike, you need to be fit to make it easier to cover this distance. On the way to Pirkovac, you cross the old road to Aleksinac. You go across the February 12th Boulevard. As soon as you pass the underpass, turn right and then left. You are on the right track here. After Gornja Toponica village, turn right and you are on the right path again. 🙂 After all, if you turn somewhere, this part is well covered with maps, so don’t worry. See the link for the map here.

Friendly tip’s for Nis to Pirkovac monastery tour

  • for this tour, you need to have water supply. Especially during hot summer days
  • Sightseeing is u must, because of beautiful landscape and sights mentioned in this post. And also, you can do some gold searching if you want 🙂
  • You can visit Monastery of Holy Archangel Gavrilo, but be sure to obey their house rules and dress code.
  • be careful on the road and in the nature

Nis to monastery Pirkovac cycling tour

Monastery of Holy Archangel Gavrilo in Pirkovac, monastery in Pirkovac village

Pirkovac Monastery is a famous monastery in this part of the country. And also very important. According to legend, it dates back to the 13th or 14th century. It has been rebuilt several times. It is very important for citizens of this area. But also for the Serbian Orthodox Church too.

Our friend recorded this video of driving to the monastery on the old road to Aleksinac. See also his Instagram profile Cycling in Serbia.

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