tour for bycicle from Nis to Jelasnica gorge southern Serbia, cycling route Nis Jelasnica

The cycling tour from Nis to Jelasnica gorge is a nice experience for everyone who wants to go out into nature with their bike. As bicycles have become very popular since last year due to the situation itself, we will deal with several suggestions for cycling from Nis. Thanks to our friend, you can also watch the video first hand. And see first hand what awaits you in this adventure. Be sure to watch the video related to this cycling tour, and a great idea for a bike trip to Jelasnica gorge.

In the Jelasnica gorge, you can also enjoy nature, in addition to cycling. Enjoy famous picnic area, try to climb the rocks. You can also wander around, to see a hole in the rock called “Prozorac” , that means window. To look for famous and rare flowers, Ramonda serbica and Ramonda Natalia. The Ripaljka waterfall is also inevitable, if it is not a dry period. It depends on the moment. But without him, it is certainly a recommendation to come here and escape from the city. And other things that you can read better about the link about Jelasnica gorge. Due to the preservation of the natural habitat and natural rarities, in 1995 it was placed under state protection and declared a special nature reserve.

Cycling tour Nis Jelasnica

Small picnic area with cave you can see in cycling tour Nis Jelasnica gorge

This idea for a trip to Jelašnica and Jelašnica gorge is a great idea for a half-day or one-day bicycle trip. Due to its proximity, it is perfect for cycling. And because of the very features of the Jelašnica gorge, you can visit it even on a very sunny day. Like a half-day adventure, or an all-day one. You are heading towards Niška Banja. Instead of climbing the Spa, turn left and go straight. Without mistake. There is no big traffic on the road, but you should definitely be careful in traffic. When entering the village of Jelasnica, you have the opportunity to buy everything you need for refreshment, so you do not have to carry it with you from the start.

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Only thirteen kilometers from the city of Nis, the road leads to Jelasnica and Jelasnica gorge, a beautiful destination. And a great route for sports and recreational enjoyment, from my point of view by bike. Who has not visited this beautiful landscape of our country, it is not too late to do so at this moment and see something beautiful in the vicinity of the city of Nis. And spend your time and use it in a nice way and above all healthy. Recommendation for the cycling tour Nis Jelasnica gorge Nis.

Cycling Nis to Jelasnica gorge, great idea for weekend adventure

A bike trip from Nis to Jelasnica Gorge is a great idea. Apart from the sports side, there is also the ecological, financial and adventurous side. The gorge itself is not so far from Nis. And for that reason, you can come to Jelasnica gorge even as amateur cyclist. And in a way that is a real pleasure for you. Especially when he gets there. What are the features of Jelasnica gorge, and what can you expect there, see the article about Jelasnica gorge.

Going to picnick form Nis to Jelasnica gorge by bike

Due to the proximity of Nis, and Niska Banja, it is always a good choice to decide on a trip to Jelasnica and Jelasnica gorge. Perfect for an individual adventure. But also group action. For cyclists, but also for people who enjoy nature and hike around. For those who have the whole day at their disposal. And those who have two hours. It is definitely a nice experience. The track itself is not difficult to ride, so anyone can ride it. Without pain and effort.

nature in Jelasnica gorge near Nis is great for riding bycicle

Tips for cycling tour Nis Jelasnica

Something that is important is to take care of safety while you are on a bike. When riding a bicycle, obey the rules in traffic, as well as take care of yourself. Follow the regulations. Bring a bottle of water by all means, or at least buy it at one of the markets along the way. Especially during hot summer days, so you can stay and enjoy longer, among other things. Be sure to see the waterfall and other sights of the area, which you can read more about in the article dedicated to the Jelasnica gorge.

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