Cerje cave is monument of nature that you will probably love. Very near from Niš, about 15km, is unexplored pearl of Serbia and Europe. It is estimated that the cave is created about 2 million years ago. There are many rich formations, stalactites, helictites, wavy draperies, cave corals, and crystal flowers, which can be found only here in Serbia. Helictites found are contrary to all laws of physics and gravity, extends in all directions. It is rich in salamanders and cave rivers too.

About Cerje cave

However, due to the lack of funds, it is still unexplored in full. Only about 4,5 km of cave are explored. End of Cerje cave is not been found, yet. But any way it is great place to visit if you are near Niš. But today, the cave is protected by the state of Serbia as natural resources of the first category.

In this cave there is rich fauna. Besides a large number of cave jewelry in the cave and live different kinds of animals to which Cerje cave serves as habitat for years. For now we know that it has about five species of bats, several species of spiders, which can be seen and lizards, the so called cave “daždevalj”.

Cerjanska cave still belongs to group of unexplored mysteries of Serbia and the world. Cerje Cave is, by the Tourist organization of Niš, still not available for visitors.

Cerje cave is near Niš

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