Meat festival Rostiljijada in Leskovac with it’s tradition to today became one of most important festivals in Leskovac. And entire Serbia. As such, festival in Leskovac attracts more and more tourist every year. Domestic and foreign. Here you can see, one of Russian tourists experience of Leskovac Meat festival.

The point is his experience in period of Meat festival Leskovac. Meat food festival in Serbia. This is one of biggest festivals in Serbia, of any kind. It lasts about a week. From Monday to Sunday. Meat products are prepared on Festival, on the spot.

What to experience in Rostiljijada meat festival in Leskovac

During the festival, main street is closed for car traffic. The street is turned into pedestrian area. With a lots of assembly facility objects where, meat food is prepared and sold. That place is also where music events are also happening. And also, you have tables there to enjoy Leskovac meat festival BBQ and music program right away. “Rostilj” is meat prepared on BBQ and grilled. In Serbian stye.

Many of people here think that the best BBQ is in Leskovac Serbia. Most popular food in the festival is pljeskavica. Nut, there are also other specialties prepared from meat. If you are meat food lover, this festival is a must. Here you will in enjoy for sure. Because food is prepared by the best BBQ masters in Serbia. Serbia is famous for it’s food, and grilled meat. Here, you can have great choice of BBQ food. Beside pljeskavica, you can eat pork. And a lot more.

Service is quick, and you can also have food to go. After all, Meat festival in Leskovac, is not just about food. There is also much to be experienced of folk art on the festival. Every evening there is concert. Many of famous Serbian folk artist are here.

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For the city of Leskovac, this is very big event. Even for Serbia. Because this festival is big and important, you can see many important persons here, as President of Serbia. You can enjoy in program and folk dance of many Folk dance troupes here. Domestic and also guest ones. From other towns and even countries.

Trumpet is very famous instrument in Serbia. On this festival you can even listen trumpet orchestra. And many more things.

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