You can see here proggram of Leskovac meat BBQ festival for this year. And also, you can see Leskovac meat festival for previous years.

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Rostiljijada program 2019.

  • Monday, 26. august 2019.

20:00 Mini concert  “Lemind” national art troup

20:30 Promotional part of festival with drummers and mascot of the festival

20:45 Grand opening

21:00 Fireworks

21:05 Folk troup of Elvisa Bajramovića

21:30 Concert of “Valter” and Tanja Ivanović

22:30 Concert of the night: Lepa Brena

  • Tuesday, 27. august 2019.

21:00  Concert “Tutti frutti”

22:30 Concert of the night “Crvena jabuka”

  • Wensday, 28. august 2019.

21:00 Concert “Riblja Čorba”

23:00 Concert “Van Gogh”

  • Thursday, 29. august 2019.

09:00 The best grill competition “Miodrag Gligorijević – Dragi Bure”

18:30 The biggest pljeskavica competition “Memorijal Novica Stanković Šaponja” – frist try and trumpet orchestra Elvisa Bajramovića

20:45 Concert of “Južnjaci”

22:30 Concert of Haris Džinović

  • Friday, 30. august 2019.

09:00 Competition of Hospitality high school pupils

18:30 The biggest world pljeskavica competition “Memorijal Novica Stanković Šaponja” second try

21:00 Concert “Kasperi”

22:30 Concert of the night Aco Pejović

  • Saturday, 31. august 2019.

21:00  Concert “Amajlija” ; 22:30 concert Severina

Except this program, there is also following program

  •  Photo exibition for 30 years of festival “Roštiljijade”
  • “Roštiljijada in time”
  •  Ethno complex “Šop-Đokić”
  • exibition for all time of festival

National museum in Leskovac

  •  Leskovac time lapse
  • 90 years of mountaineering in Leskovac
  • Visit to Empress city locality and textile museum in Strojkovac

By the way, except this, there is more events in this period than this.

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