Sights of city of Leskovac, city on Veternica river, are from different periods of existence of this city. Leskovac city is on about 45 kilometers distance from Nis, or 280 km from Belgrade. Distance from Prokuplje is about 50km. From Bulgarian Capital Sofia is about 185 km. To Leskovac you can come by highway, and only by land. Here, except Rostiljijada, you can see monuments, churches, and some more nice sights. Lets start!

What sights to see in Leskovac

Answer to question “what to see in Leskovac” you can start just out from the city. You can start with view on a Leskovac from Hisar hill. Hisar is picnic and memorial park Revolution at the same time. There are monuments that you should see. One of them is from 1971. It is dedicated to resistance and victims from WWII from this part of Serbia. From this point you can see Leskovac panorama. To this park you can see very fast, even by foot.

Hisar hill Leskovac sight

Hisar hill in Leskovac monument is called Memorial par Revolution, or Memorial to Anti Nazi fighting. The memorial park Hisar consists from three parts. First part is ceremonial. Second part is with tombstone. Some of them are with names of fallen resistance fighters from Leskovac and around. Third part of Hisar is part with monument figure. That Hisar figure represents Forest goddess or High goddess. Except this, in Leskovac Hisar memorial park you can see one more monument. This one is dedicated to anonymous captain fallen in process of liberation of Leskovac 1915.

One more thing can be seen here. Except this monuments on Leskovac citizens favorite picnic place you can see ancient Roman ruins. On this place in 1999. one big discovery has happened. Metal needle was found. That is unique thing in compare to other world findings. It is still unknown when it was mad, but it is presumed that is 14 century B.C. This object is named after the person that discovered it, Tunovic needle.

Paša’s fountain, Leskovac citizen’s favourite picnic place

Pašas fountain is one of Leskovac sights, that is not just picnic field on about 10km from the city. It is most popular between locals. Except picnic place, you have accommodation capacity.

Museum in Leskovac

One of must see things in every city is their museum. Leskovac museum is one of most important institutions of this kind in Leskovac and near surroundings. It is founded in may 1948. Location of this museum is at Stanoja Ljubica 2. Are of this museum is territory of Leskovac, Lebane, Bojnik and Medvedja. SO, except the historic monuments in Leskovac, they take care about near by too. Like Empress city near Lebane. except this history locality this museum is taking care also important buildings in Leskovac like City house (house of Bora Dimitrijevic Piksla), Textile museum in village Strojkovice and house od national hero Kosta Stamenkovic.

Beside this object, museum in Leskovac is important for some more things. The Leskovac museum received many important prizes for contribution and quality of work. It holds more than 5500 coins with archeological importance, 3500 object from surrounding territory. Here are also stone monuments and objects found throughout history of this land. Rich treasure house.

Working hours of Leskovac museum is from Tuesday to Saturdayy from 8 to 16 hours. For organized visits of larger number of visitors you can use contact form from their website. You can do it also by phone 38116212975 or email Entering tickets price is 100 rsd for group visits (10+ persons), and for individual is 150rsd (about 1,2 euros). If you want to buy ticket for multiple museum objects in Leskovac it will cost you 250 rsd (about 2 euros). There are discount for ticket prices for family visits, pupils and students.

Leskovac, what sights to see if you are here?

What else you can see in city of hazelnut if you decide to come here? Two very important and pretty buildings from past times. This two buildings will take you to past times even when you look at them, and old times. They are both in use today, but for different purposes. They are Sop Djokica house and house of Bora Dimitrijevic Piksla.

City home in home of Bora Dimitrijevic Piksla

House of Bora Dimitrijevic Piksla is building from long lost times. Today, in that building is permanent exhibition of objects from 19th century. Location of this building is in Ucitelja Josiva 10 street. Exact time of built is unknown. it is presumed that it is about around 160 years. It was always in ownership of Dimitrijevic family. In the house, museum , there are a lot of items from that period. Today, starting form 2002, all can see them, as to look around the house. Opening hours of the museum are 9-16 hours.

Sop Djokic house Leskovac

Sop Djokic house location is in Leskovac in Masarik square, in Dobricka 2 street. In this Ethno house are location of Tourist organization of Leskovac. For it’s historic value, because it’s one of rare buildings form the past period, it is State protected. In there you can see original things like wooden ceiling with ornaments. Sop Djokic house in Leskovac is open for seeing every day from 8-15 hours. In winter period, here is location of public ice skating.

Sop DJokic house was family home of Djokic family. It was built in 1820. They lived there till the nationalization in 1944.

Leskovac BBQ festival

His is Leskovac biggest event. And also one of biggest in Serbia and Balkans. For sure it’s biggest event of this type in Balkans. It is grill festival. It lasts about a week. Ristiljada is held at the end of the August and the beginning of September. Beside gastronomy program, there is also music one. If you like BBQ, this is a must event to visit. For more see post about Leskovac BBQ festival.

Churches in Leskovac and around

The main church in Leskovac is Orthodox Cathedral, Saint Trinity church. It was built from 1931. And role model for this church was monastery Gracanica.

Odzaklija, Holy mother of God church, is old church built in 1803. Nickname, Odzaklija, was after the church has chimney on the roof. THat is one interesting story behind that from time that Leskovac was under Ottoman rulling. Because of that, all churches had to be built to be lower thatn the mosque. Thats why is church dug one meter in to the ground. It is locateed in the yard of Ortodox Cathedral in Leskovac.

In Leskovac there ate two churches called Holy mother Petka, Holy mother Paraskeva. That is, one is monastery, object of faith. Monastery is located in village Rudare, on about 4 kilometers from center of Leskovac. Church is located in village Kumarevo. monastery is oldest church object in Jablaniac, Leskovac, county. Exact time of buil is unknown, but it’s restaurated in 1799. There are original frescoes in this church from the founding time. Also roof and windows. Also, important fact is that in this church is Early christian basiica from 5th century. Main part and altar from that original basilica are still there.

Second Holi Petka church is located in village Kumarevo, on about 5 kilometers from Leskovac. it was built in 1800.

Jašunja monasteries near Leskovac

Two more monasteries are Jašunja monasteries. The are located in village Jašunja. One is male and other is female monastery. Nun, female monastery, was built in 1499. and it’s named Monastery Holy Godmother. It is presumed it was built on foundations of some older temple. In witness to that are ruins that are located next to church. Nun monastery in Jašunja village was built by four nuns. Ksenija, Tofa, Marija and Marta. And their faces are painted on fresco inside the monastery. Male monastery, is named Monastery Saint john the Baptist. It is founded in 1571 by Byzantine emperor Andronik Katakuzin with his brothers.

What more to see in Leskovac and around?

Near leskovac is town Vucje and it’s Hydro power plant and also “Skobaljic grad” sight. Around Leskovac is also, mountain Kukavica. Textile museum is in village Strojkovce, not so far from Leskovac, 11 kilometers. Lebane and Empress city are here so you can see them if you are in Leskovac.

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Hisar photos are by Flammard i Milion Zelja CC BY-SA 3.0 ; monastery Janjuši i Rudari are by Mickey Mystique i GFDL CC BY-SA 4.0 ; Šop Djokićhouse and house Bore Dimitrijevića Piksle are by Miljan Simonović i unknown author CC BY-SA 3.0 ; main ortodox cahtedral in Leskovac is by Vladimir Bogdanovic i Odžaklija is by Marbella82 CC BY-SA 3.0