Leskovac BBQ and Grill festival in Serbia is one of biggest festivals of this king in Europe. In that meaning, a lot of visitors are domestic. But many are also from foreign countries. You can often see foreign people in organized groups, or individual tourists. You can see people from distant countries, in smaller number. This festival of grilled meat and great fun is certainly something that should be experienced if you are in Leskovac or around in that time.

Grill is traditional way of preparing meat in Serbia. Every city and town has it’s own specific. Leskovac is on top of this list. Leskovac grill is a must event for every person who likes to eat meat. Especially real grilled and BBQ.

As meat dish in Grill festival Rostiljijada in Leskovac you can try many things. You can eat “cevape (cevapcice)”, “pljeskavice” (Serbian burgers), liver, chicken, chicken wings, sausages etc.

In the video under, you can see great video of Japanese tourist, Hiro i Yurico, and their visit to Leskovac grill and BBQ festival. They had a lot of fun.

What foreign tourist say about Leskovac grill festival Rostiljiljada?

Hellooooo, I’m Hero, and this is Yurico. And we are in Serbia. Since we visited Serbian community in Chicago, we couldn’t stop eating meat. So we decided to come to Serbia itself. Will we go and enjoy meat specialties? Certainly!

Rostilijada whitch means BBQ in Serbian. We did not come in full to Rostiljijada in Leskovac, unfortunately. But we did enjoy anyway. On every step you can see music, traditional and trumpets.

And everyone is enjoying it.

This is food festival. You can eat, not only grill and BBQ, but also many Serbian traditional dishes. Delicious! You can try some kind of stew. A bit spicy. We did not know what it was but is was MMMMMMM! Very good! Here we also found kind of food, that we ate in Serbian community, called “cevapi”. They were making a lots of them than there with machine. Here, they are making it by hand, one by one. It takes more time. But, you will get fresh “cevapi” here.

While I was waiting, we got together for ethnic dancing. 🙂 And for me being good, I got some presents. After that we ate famous Leskovac grill, that we came here for. It tastes phenomenal. Same as when we tried in Serbian community in Chicago. It is just bigger here and jiggles and has better taste.

Next we tried “Leskovacka pljeskavica” od “pljeskavac” 🙂 Probably most popular dish of the festival.

Pljeskavica is similar to burger. It has flavor like “cevapi” but with more flavor in it. This huge pljeskavica is only 2,5 dollars. After that we witnessed reason why pljeskavica is so popular. There is pljeskavica masters challenge, how big they can make it.

This festival is famous for making biggest pljeskavica in the world. That is biggest hamburger. We missed that competition, but we saw handmade masterpieces. After sizing the record, pljeskavica will be given to the audience free of charge.

Which else specialties were we eating in Leskovac Rostiljijada?

Pig on fire speciality, Grilled pig, Serbian cuisine speciality

Leskovac grill and BBQ festival showed some more Serbian specialties. So we saw roasted pork. That thrilled us. This is the one that you shouldn’t miss. After of hours of spinning and roasting, they carve them and serve it on a plate.

They are roasted for hours and than prepared for eating and served. They are extremely tender We tried them before but they weren’t tender as on Leskovac food festival. Even when they are cold. Awesome! So good taste! It is worth to travel to Leskovac and Serbia just for this. After all, we bought more of roasted pork for breakfast tomorrow.

If you want to see some more adventures, as Serbian Rostiljiada in Leskovac, see channel Ethnic Neighbourhoods on YouTube or see their website on this link.

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