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What adventures happened in this part of Serbia, and we wetness them. What great experiences have we witnessed? Who meat us, and whom did we meet and helped them to see Serbia from another angle? Nis Serbia, Leskovac, Prokuplje, Pirot, Vranje and Zajecar. And around. See. And we are just starting!

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Abdullah Eurotrip, A hike to Suva mountain peak Trem, Serbia

Eurotrip to Suva Mountain, Serbia So this morning, I woke fresh without alarm at 7:00. That’s because of the beautiful sound of water stream from outside. That’s the view out of my balcony and picture of house from outside. I had accommodation in the Spa of Nis. Took shower and...

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Enjoy your stay with your host Homestay south and east Serbia experience. We are very friendly and lovable people. Enjoy your stay with us, and experience what is Serbian “domacin”. Domaćin is Host (masculine) and hostess (feminine) most often refer to a person responsible for guests at an event or...

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